Tuesday, 14 September 2010

9th September: Another Stay in KK

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 10:50
This day we just rest and SHOPPING again! Wee~ I l♥ve shopping! And that we spent more money again... @@ In Sasa! I bought a balancing mask while Cai Yi bought facial peeling gel... (Well it's time to pamper ourselves anyway =D)
My strawberry yogurt balancing mask and Cai Yi's clarifying peeling gel~
In Sasa Cai Yi seems wanted to buy EVERYTHING! @@ She even struggled for quite some time whether to buy the UMBRELLA from Sasa coz it's just RM15 during rainy days... Who knows, it stopped raining already. XD We had sushi in Sushi King as our lunch! ^^ But then, Uncle Alvin Yan said they had kimchi in a Korean restaurant. =__________= Deng! T_T I couldn't believe both of us didn't see any Korean restaurant there! Sushi King is so common back in Peninsular! Then, Cai Yi bought a deep blue nail polish in The Face Shop. We met up with Ah Leng, and it's raining again! So Ah Leng talked Cai Yi into buying that Sasa umbrella... Hahahax This night, Ah Leng painted my nails white~ Hahahax. Coz the purple nail polish Ah Shiang painted for me has already stripped off. So that's all about this day. Nothing much. =)
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