Wednesday, 15 September 2010


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Last night (Well it's just a couple of hours ago only...) we went out with a senior to have dinner. So pity that the whole school has no food stalls nor restaurants open during Raya holiday. After the dinner, we went back to hostel. The housemate of a senior came looking for us, said she heard some weird noise in our senior's room, she's afraid she's asthma or what. Cai Yi asked her: "You made her cry?" (sarcastically. There's some conflicts between the senior and the housemate.) So we changed our clothes and got down to visit the senior. (Singlets and shorts. My normal "room" wear.) When we reached her room, she sounds like crying, but she shakes her head when Cai Yi asked her whether she's crying or talking over the phone. Then she grabbed Cai Yi's hand and told her she couldn't breathe... o.O! We keep asking her what happened, is she allergic to anything, asthma, or what?! She just said her whole body numb... I went to ask her housemate what did she eat just now? The girls immediately replied me:"No no no! We didn't do anything to her!" == Sounds so diffident... So I told them I just want to know whether is she allergic to any food, then only they said she steamed rice and cooked don't know what. Cai Yi immediately called the senior's ex-roommate to help. She asked Cai Yi to call for an ambulance. Don't know what's wrong with the receptionist, she passed the line to Tawau! That person told her they couldn't promise when can they send the ambulance over coz it's too far! Cilaka betul! The senior straightaway shout back to her: We send by ourselves la!! So she called a guy with car to drive over and send me to inform the girl's hostel guard. I ran to the guardhouse and tell them to let the friend in (I guess I shocked them a lot XD). When he reached, he said the guards don't let him to come up to carry the patient! Cilaka the guards! Can't you see how emergence it is?! The patient can't breathe already! I think the guards tried to tell me I can't go along coz of my dresscode... But I didn't care. The senior is getting a bit better on the journey to the hospital, and the first thing she told us was:"I didn't bring my specs out leh." =____________________=||| So we went to the hospital, got the car parked, then another cilaka guard came. He said:"You can't park at here!" We shouted back at him:"EMERGENCY!" Then he replied:"Oh emergency! Why don't you park in front of the door? It's faster!" =_______________=||| BOOM. I ran to the counter and register for the patient. After some checking and treating, we asked the Indian doctor what's wrong with her? The doctor asked us back:"Who are you?" "Her university friends." "Sorry I can't tell you anything unless you're her family. This is her privacy. I'll let her know first, if she wants to tell you, that's her business." Cilaka betul! She's studying "overseas" and you only can let her family members know about her condition?! Then another Malay doctor came and had a simple check on the patient. The patient told him her symptoms, then the doctor asked us about what "biomanis" thing. I thought Cai Yi could go and I can stay to accompany the patient, but he asked me to go along too. He asked the patient to rest first, then led us to a room and locked the door. What the heck he wanna do?! Then only we realize. Rupa-rupanya he's trying to sell a product to us. =_______________= Cilaka betul, wasting our time. (After that only we know, probably it's because I'm holding my purse that's why he asked me to go along.) When we came out from the room the patient wasn't on the bed, so we went to look for her and then only we found that she's in the consultation room with the Indian doctor. The Indian doctor straightaway asked us:"Did I ask you to come in?" == The senior asked the Indian doctor whether it's allowed in their hospital to do private business or not, coz the Malay doctor is doing so. The Indian doctor was so embarrass. Then all of us go back. When we reached the campus, the guards came and check. He asked us why come back so late, so we replied the same thing:"Emergency ma..." "Ada surat hospital?" Oops. Ya. Forgot to get a letter from the doctors. So we just show him the pills. "Kenapa dia pakai sexy sexy?" (Pointing at me) =_______________= Because I went clubbing. HELLO! EMERGENCY LA WEYH! YOU EXPECT ME TO CHANGE INTO T-SHIRT AND JEANS BEFORE SENDING THE PATIENT TO HOSPITAL?! Thank god the senior is fine now.
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