Sunday, 12 September 2010


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Just now 5.30pm Cai Yi and I went to jog~ We met AhBa and Milo Ping on the way back to campus carrying their fishing stick, so we thought we can join them... But then AhBa said they couldn't get any baits so they couldn't fish =( Then, after spending some time on the beach, we thought of going back to have some rest~ Who knows, AhBa said they're going out to buy some groceries for dinner ♥ So Cai Yi and I took a ride on Andrew's car to McD for ice cream~ ^^ (Note we didn't bring any money nor phone coz our original intention was just jogging... =p) 小插曲1 廿三嫂阿: 好像不够油酱... Milo Ping: 不要紧我们有采亿在这里, 可以叫她推车... 采亿: Oi... 大家都是 Pahang 人, 不要欺负 Pahang 人... 廿三嫂阿: 就是大家都是 Pahang 人所以才要帮 Pahang 人嘛... 等下没有油了你推车啦~ 采亿: @#$%^&*!
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小插曲2 (不懂怎样讲到快餐店) 采亿: 我们那里有 KFC 有 McD ,就是没有 Marybrown... 廿三嫂阿: 哎呀我们 Kampung 人是酱的啦... 不像你们城市人...什么都有... (之后采亿不管讲什么都会被 shoot 是城市人... xD) We went to a few marts so they can buy their groceries first, then only we route to McD for ice cream ♥♥♥ AhBa only have a few ringgits with him so Cai Yi go ask for more money from Andrew XD (Pahang people ma... Need to help each other geh... Hahaha) Our dinner is prepared by AhBa, Milo Ping and Andrew~ Wakaka... Very full ^_^ p/s: Am waiting for Cai Yi to finish update her blog so I can get the photos from her in her harddisk... But then I knew some will say I copy her posts liao.
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