Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

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Yeap~ Last night was mid autumn, but then the atmosphere of mid-autumn celebration is not thick... Ah Ba asked us to go BBQ with them, but most of them are SPKAL students whom I'm not very close to... But since we've no other celebration, I just agreed Ah Ba to go lo. =) Then, who knows during Database class, Ah Di and her gang spontaneously said want to make steamboat and asked me to go along... ~@_@~ Since I've already promised Ah Ba to join them, so I just decline Ah Di... (But I promised them I will go visit them la... =p) Cai Yi and I went to the beachside at 8pm as Ah Ba and his friends had started the fire. We thought we're going to smoke the food by ourselves, who knows the guys were all so gentlemen, they smoked the food for us... So the whole night we're just sitting there and eat only XD They bought lanterns too, but they didn't buy the sticks so we couldn't bring the lanterns to walk around, we just hang the lanterns around the trees~
They only prepared fried noodles, sausages, chicken wings and potatoes... We're full quite fast, so we went back to campus. I went to Ah Di's house straightaway. (This is the 2nd time I celebrate this festival by BBQ!) They're already full by the time I went to their house. But they still left some food. So, when Ah Ling came back, we started to eat again... @@ (Ah Jie said they played Truth or Dare, singing to the passersby at their balcony...) Then Lenglui Chaifong Aunty and Ah Di took their mooncakes out~ ^^♥ (Lotus egg yolk & 翡翠奶皇) Their friends came and shared us the honey dew flavoured mooncake too! I'm going to join Ah Di next mid autumn festival~
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