Thursday, 16 September 2010


Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 14:03
Last night was a bad night! When Cai Yi went to the toilet, she saw cockroach! So we got our ladle to wash away that cockroach... But it ran out! Cai Yi scared till she couldn't do anything, so I use my ladle to hit it! And we thought it's dead! This morning, I woke up late... Cai Yi told me the cockroach we killed last night was just pretending it's dead! And it's gone already! @@ Stupid cockroach lied to me... I'm going to get hot water and kill them all!!! Then she asked me whether I'm going out with ah gor or not? I said no, but when I asked him whether can buy cornflakes for me or not, he asked me to go along... So okie lo... I just simply brush my teeth and get changed and put on contact lens then go out already... When I reached the car park, he told me I have to drive! @@ Coz he need to pass a car to his friend so we need to drive 2 cars... @@ I didn't bring my license out! Coz everytime I go out, someone else will drive but not me... But ah gor said if I don't drive a car out, we have to take bus back... And so I drove! To the harbor! I still couldn't calm myself down... Then we went to buy the ingredients for bihun goreng basah, ah gor is going to make dinner for us~ Who knows, Cai Yi said Ah Shiang is going to cook dinner for us tonight and they're having sandwich as their lunch... NO WAY! I want to have dinner with them! So I ask ah gor to change the dinner to lunch XD Okie. Thankkiu ah gor. =p Sorry for the troubles. (Bow 90o) I really feel like I'm more and more becoming a pig... T_T Since I came back from the trip, I just eat, sleep, then eat, then sleep, eat again, and sleep again... When there's electricity, I sat in front of the laptop, do nothing; when there's no electricity, I'd rather sleep than do assignments... Gosh! I'm still in holiday mood lar! ~><~ Is there anyway to start the class one week later??!!
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