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5th September: To Kundasang~

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The second day we reached Sabah we depart to Kundasang~ They asked the driver to pick us up quite early, at 7am something... So we woke up quite early. Before the driver came, we went to the Gaya Street (open at every Sunday morning only) coz we'll not be able to stay till another Sunday to visit this place.
Then we head to Kundasang~
And here we stopped to have our breakfast:-
Going to the peak of hill after our breakfast (Slept all the way XD):-
So here we are:-
And some jumping pose:-
Okie, fine, don't laugh... I knew I landed earlier... Sorry, I'm a short person... =p
Hohoho... Uncle Alvin Yan and other seniors were climbing that mountain!
Okie, well... they started to ignore me already... There's an incident here, Ying Ying gave everyone a chance to have their shot... But when it comes to my turn, Jiefu and PeiJie just stand right in front of me... T_T So fine. I emo. This is it.
So Ying Ying asked everyone to jump, and luckily they let me do mine too.
Oops. The hair... =p
And then they found an interesting way to take our photos:-
Group photos:-
I can be cheered easily =) Just don't ignore me.
Some cooool pics ^^
Wooh Jiefu is still busying with his BIG business XD
Cai Yi took this photo with me (I guess she wanna cheer me up =) Thankkiu ^^)
Then, we went to those souvenir shops to check out any cool stuff, and Jiefu took this:-
This is called Tarap:-
It tasted weird... But it's acceptable for me =)
Along the way, we visited Strawberry Farm:-
The Rose Garden~ Rose rose I ♥ you~
They have some other gardens too: Grapes Garden, Apple Garden...
And of course the most important one - Strawberry Garden! But too bad it ain't their ripening season so we hardly see any LIVING fruits...
And so we met a gardener here who was so kind to give us a free talk about how to plant strawberries here:-
And then only we know the 'gardener' is actually the boss of the farm! No wonder he knew so much... Before leaving:-
Okie now, go back to the van, we're heading to our next stop~ Go go go go go~
Here we stopped awhile for lunch break, and this is what we got:-
We're actually going for canopy walk and hot spring~
It has only one entrance so we had to pack our clothes and towels first:-
And off we go~
Interesting, huh? I've seen another board with last quote: Keep Nothing But Memories =)
We passed by the hot spring to the canopy walk first (This is what the driver suggested, to go for canopy walk first before we go for hot spring):-
These are open tubs~ FOC, big, but takes longer time to fill the tubs.
So here we start our walk:-
Going up~
Oops, getting tired...
Okie now, it's time for the drawbridge!
Uh oh... The bridge is HIGH you can't even see the bottom of it...
SCARY...... ><
Erm... It's just posing =p
All are scared, or tired? Hey girls, keep going~
Go go go~
Oops, a call from monitor... Hey, I do have my business too, okie? =p
Alright, time for a bath~!
Indoor hot spring~ RM15 per room per hour.
Excuse me! PeiJie's coming!
Dear Cai Yi had to hold the camera because of girl's problem~
Next, we went to cow farm~
And what do we had here... FRESH MILK! Erm... That time I only have RM50 left so I waited for sooooo long for the cashier to get my change... =="
Finally we're done... Thanks to PeiJie who's sooo patiently waiting together with me ^^
This is what they saw while waiting for us to pay:-
They even have horse in cow farm! o.O
And I managed to grab a photo here too~
Check out the size of milk we bought (compared with mine!):-
huahahaha XD
It looks just like milk advertisement... XD
Some other shots:-
Nice position~
That night, we stayed in a horrible hotel (chalet would be a better word to describe the house)... Golden Kundasang Highland... Jiefu and Big Ears had to knock all over the place and say "sorry to disturb"... That house has got 4-5 doors and some of it just can't be opened! ~><~ Not only that, the house seems like no one stayed for thousands of years and it's super dirty and old! (Well um that's obviously a hyperbole, but I swear it IS dirty and old!) AND! When PeiJie was trying to charge her phone a HUGE RAT just jump out from nowhere and scared everybody! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!
This is where the HUGE RAT run away... We used a paper ball to stuck at the hole so it can't come back again...
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