Friday, 3 September 2010


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Early in the morning it rains~ ♥ Such a nice weather to sleep... But then an incident makes me feels uneasy... Few days ago, our previous Mandarin lecturer sms-ed me to ask whether he can open the envelope to see my certificate for HSK or not ... Everybody would have want to open the envelope by themselves lo, so I replied no... Then this morning lecturer called me again to ask me for permission (actually just to inform me, not to ask for permission) to open my envelope again... @@ (Those who stayed with me know how is my voice... When I sleep my voice also sleeps, so I couldn't really answer the call as my voice is rough...) He said he knows we want to be the first to open our envelope, but he said he needs to do the analysis report so he'll open my envelope and he'll keep it nicely, he doesn't even care to call monitor to open his envelope... T_T Yer I don't want la... I want to be the first to open my envelope... Yer yer yer yer yer... ~><~
Then my dear roommate asked me to go out buy pizzas, I asked Ah Gor to go with me at 11am, he told me he might be late a bit, so I said okie la since I don't have to wait for very long. But then after that he told me his friends eat very slow he might reach campus at 11.30am... Okie lo since I've already waited there I just have to wait for another 30mins... Ah Shiang finished her things at 11.30am already but Ah Gor still haven't back yet, she was very angry and ask me to go out with her by mini bus and not to wait for Ah Gor anymore... By the time we reached town, it's about 12pm already...
After we bought everything we need, it's around 1pm already and we went to the bus stop to go back to campus. Who knows, the driver said we have to wait for another half an hour to depart... @@ Not long after we departed, I heard some weird rubber noise at my right, the first thing flash through my mind was "tayar pancit!" When I turn to look out the window, I saw the tire plat rolled to the other side of the road!!! Luckily the driver stopped at aside of the road already... Then they took another half an hour to fix the broken tire...
Ah Shiang said, "want to eat pizza only also this difficult..." T_T
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