Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Want to Cry Again... ~><~

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 23:34
I thought everything is getting better already. I promised my senior to bring my clothes out to wash today, but Cai Yi said it's not a lot so she advice me to be more hardworking and wash all the clothes by myself... So yesterday night I washed half of my clothes already. The senior was very angry already because of some matter, and she got angrier when I broke my promise that I told her I'm not going to wash my clothes in laundry shop... (I actually told her already the previous night, but that's still a broken promise...) Then, tonight I have to settle the coupons we got from our APK business, and then I found I lost one of the receipt I kept!!!!! Damn it I have to pay for the lost... T_T I don't know what happened to me these days I feel like I keep messing things up... Haix... T_T
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