Friday, 31 December 2010

Bye - Again

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It's time to leave again... I hate this feeling! Daddy can't send me to the airport tomorrow coz he said he has work to do... =( But he will get a cab for me to send me to airport. Aih... The next time I buy ticket, I'll have to choose Sunday, or public holiday.

Lots of nice movies are going to be screened next month... T_T Hopefully I'm able to watch it la. Luckily I still managed to watch another movie - Gulliver's Travels yesterday. Saw Cai Yi's post that it's not worth to watch in 3D, so we (my sibling and I) watched 2D's. Did some shopping too, got myself a cheongsam (for an event held next month) and few more nail colors =p

My sis is so busy dating with her boyfriend that she didn't stay at home much. =( She's going to Australia to further her studies in August (twinning program) and yet she still goes out a lot... I'm going to miss her a lot a lot a lot a lot! ><

p/s: At least I maintained my weight.
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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Serious Memory Loss...! @@

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Yes! I'm having memory loss... What I forgot was all happened recently!

1. My brother was addicted to Plants vs Zombies till he got a cheat engine to win the game... I got it saved in my pendrive too... Few days ago, I used the pendrive at night. After that, I totally forgot where I put it... I couldn't find it until now! ><

2. Two weeks ago, I hang out with Jann and bought a pair of fake lashes. I thought I kept it in my bag. I bought another few cheap fake lashes again few days ago and wanted to compare with the one I bought previously... But when I looked for it, it was nowhere to find! @@ The fake lashes wasn't in any of my bag!

3. Mommy bought me a pair of new shorts. Today we went to shopping mall and mommy asked whether I need new shorts or not, but my sis said I already had enough. I asked, where is my new shorts? She said I wore it days ago! @@ Why the hell I couldn't remember that I wore it before?!

My goodness... Who can help me?!
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Wednesday, 22 December 2010


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Today sent my sis to buy her exercise books and had lunch with my parents... Thought will go home in the afternoon de, but then my sis had an idea - Movies or sing k! But my dad doesn't like us to sing k that much, so we go for movies in Pavilion lo~

It's quite difficult to make decision coz my sis had already watched most of the movies @@ End up, we decided to choose between The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader-2D and Tron Legacy-3D (coz Narnia-3D have to wait till 4.30pm ah). And since the seats of Narnia was full, we watched Tron Legacy.

The movie was okie la. But I still hope to watch a lot of movies... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (But it's no longer on screen after today T_T), The Chronicles of Narnia, Gulliver's Travels, Hachiko: A Dog's Story, The Social Network, ... A LOT MORE! And I left like, 10 days at here before I go back to my campus... T_T

p/s: I still see a lot of Christmas's decors, more than CNY's... @@ Uh oh.
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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Web Camps @ KLCC

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Got to know about an event held by Microsoft last month about web programming. One of the topic they're going to cover is ASP.NET, which I think we're going to learn in our school program in May next year for our final year project. So, I planned to attend this workshop, learn something and then I could have learn new skills in our school program.

The workshop started late because of some technical error. (== I thought they should have setup everything well before the talk!) The talk was just like some normal presentations in schools. Those presentations sounds just like introduction only. (p/s. The target audiences are web developers, programmers, web designers, etc. Yet more than half of the audiences are students! And I heard most of them are from APIIT.)

We learnt about IE9, Keynote to Web Matrix, ASP.NET MVP, OData etc etc. Lunch and tea break was provided. During lunch time, I met my primary school friend (Jessica Wong. My sis's friend, more accurately)! She's also in APIIT. (Jann mistakenly thought she's our classmate! @@)

The last talk is about Web Matrix. What the instructor showed after she did the coding was just server error. She should have prepare well since she knew today is the workshop! That's disappointing.

Anyhow, I still have the overall concept of these programming language already. What I'm going to do next is to install and explore them ^_^ Oh btw all of us got a sticker from the workshop oh~

If I answer the questions, I might have the keyboard, mouse, or T-shirt already by now......
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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Happy 21st Birthday LuoHong~

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I always wished my friends to have a great birthday here. Same goes to my dear roommate LuoHong =p


May you have a blessed birthday =) Enjoy your day~
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Friday, 3 December 2010


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终于...傻婆莙要带boyboy见姊妹了!一个星期前我们还在讨论要去哪里玩,虽然莙一直说随便都可以,我本来还想去Sunway Pyramid,没有一起去走过嘛...但是因为她boyboy有团契所以五点要回来。想也知道,KL五点就塞车,所以我一直叫她尽量选去比较近的地方。刚开始莙一直说没问题,直到前几天突然跟我说:"薇,那个...我们怕塞车所以不去Sunway Pyramid了,改去Mid Valley,可以吗?"(看!我说了一千次不要听。最后还是改了。)






完成变装(与此同时她的boyboy在楼下等到生蜘蛛网发霉了XD)就出发去Mid Valley啦~ 因为盈和莙都还没吃午餐,所以就去了Nando's~(人家还想减肥的说...)





天啊...我好肥 T_T




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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Problem Family

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大妹自称是 Problem Child,自然我们就成了她的 Problem Family 啰。一大早老妈子就叫我们去 KL 跟她吃午餐,本来想要我驾车的,可能是呆在纳闽久了不敢驾,加上大半年没有驾过了所以就让大妹驾。怎知道才刚出门就遇到三个驾车牛死了的人,差点怪叫出来...真的很庆幸一开始不是我驾车。

大妹:我小时候一定很多人讲我丑。(大妹小时候超肥的 XD) Lily 小时候人家讲她什么?
(原来之所以会搞到我酱的身材是老妈子的杰作,还要帮她收拾残局啊~~~ T_T)

p/s: 洛虹啊我不会忘记的啦,不要酱紧张啦~有消息会告诉你的okie?=)
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