Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last Day of 2011! Happy New Year!

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Geez I've been procrastinating everything not only my studies but also blogging!

Okay now I'm gonna post my updates one by one.

1. FYP Report (7th Dec 2011, Wednesday)
My laptop just changed its battery, so I'm not sure what's really the problem... My interface is a bit... Out of control. We spent the whole night didn't sleep to finish up the report! I must say, after our exam later we'll need to continue our FYP. Otherwise I doubt we have the time to even complete it.

It's around 100 pages each! Final year is not easy eh.
2. Assignments (13th Dec 2011, Tuesday)
Here I specifically refer to data structure and web programming. Not that I'm boasting myself, but I have to say I'm not suppose to submit the assignments with such standards. I should have done better. :( Spent one damn sleepless night each, and couldn't finish the assignments with better standards wtf. I'm so damn disappointed with myself.
3. FYP Presentation (15th Dec 2011, Thursday)
It's our judgement day! After 3 months of hardwork, it's time for us to present to the examiners. Our work is so complicated that the examiners once thought it's a 3-people-project @@ Anyway. The examiners are so going to 放长双眼 (not really in a positive way) to see how are we gonna do it FOL.

4. Mock Interview (19th Dec 2011, Monday)
I wonder business school have this training or not. The lecturer that interviewed me were Dean, the head of E-Commerce and another don't-know-who ahaha The questions they asked were kinda... Weird. Especially from the dean lol. At the end of the interview, they gave me some comments. They said I'm overall okie but they won't hire me coz I'm too demanding. @@?!

I recalled what I answered in the salary section... They asked, will I accept the offer if they're only able to give RM2k? I said I hope I'll have other expenses like toll and petrol covered coz I'm living quite far from the company. Whoa. Didn't know this is "demanding". Anyway hopefully this section won't ruin my overall marks lah :S

If you've followed my blog, I'm sure you'll realize that I'm wearing the same shirt for all the important presentations I have... This is the only decent shirt that I have!
(By decent I mean with proper collar and not semi-transparent like the grey top I have)
5. Happy Winter Solstice! (22nd Dec 2011, Thursday)
Cai Yi will never miss any of the festival here. So we all bought the ingredients to make tangyuan/dumplings!

See, we'll never run out of good food if we have Cai Yi here. Hehehe.
6. Fratini's Steakhouse! (23rd Dec 2011, Friday)
It's a new steakhouse opened recently near Victoria's Hotel. We found it when we looked for a company for case study for an assignment. The name of the restaurant had already more or less revealed the price of the food. But still, we went there to have a try! (Super sorry to have to take the photos from Cai Yi coz my dumb phone has no flash and the photos taken were all damn dark)

I really don't know what happened to my eyes on that day (I'm still wondering is the flash the reason) my eyes were so freaking small wtf

This one I'm forcing my eyes to open bigger. Lots of light bubble appeared in front of my eyes after the whole photography session @@

The group: Haslina, Ain, Lin, Cai Yi, Ahdi, Me

Btw Cai Yi was so damn hot lo wei! I bet if she sits outside, our meal is paid by someone else already haha... Okie just kidding. *ahem*
7. Surprise!
We actually planned to give Cai Yi a bag she really liked as a birthday present. Ahdi asked the seller to tell Cai Yi that the bag is out of stock! (So sorry to the seller coz Cai Yi was going to buy some clothes along with the bag) Who knows, there're so many obstacles we just got it for her. Her birthday and Christmas are already over so we can only give it as New Year present. Didn't get to take photos so I can only grab from her blog again ^^"

Happy Belated Birthday
Happy Belated Christmas
Happy New Year
From Ahma, Ahdi and dumbass



LOL just trolling :p
And last but not least...
8. Happy New Year! (31st Dec 2011 - 1st Jan 2012)
Like I said, one of the benefits of staying with Cai Yi is that we will have good food for almost all the festival we celebrate. This time New Year! ^_^ Had Bak Kut Teh for our dinner with movies and junk food #foreveralone Well, at least we have each other :) Planned to watch 3 Idiots at first but guess we had our dinner too early so we felt boring. Played a few poker games somemore hehe :p

So I wish everyone a Happy New Year and all of us will live happily ever after! (Coz living happily ever after means having a happy ending - which also means whatever we do will be smooth hehe)

Well one of my new year resolution should be tidy up my table. It's been a mess since we started to busy with our FYP and assignments ^^"
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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bad Day

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Felt defeated.

Still in busy mode. Will update after everything's over.
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Astrological Phenomena

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Last Saturday night, we saw lunar eclipse at around 9pm. We learnt it in Science class about these astrological phenomena, but that was the first time ever we saw it!

Yesternight, we heard somemore news about meteor rain. Gemini meteor rain! Too bad I had to finish up my works, otherwise I would very like to watch it (well the main reason to watch it is to make a lot of wishes la of course! xD) BUT then only we realize that it only appeared at the north of the earth. Friends who went to view it just managed to feel the drizzle instead of meteor rain haha.

p.s. It reminds me of a song 'Airplanes': Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now - Good grades in all my subjects!!!

May All Your Wishes Comes True!
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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pray for Better Days

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You see, sometimes human is strange. When we have nothing to do, we look for things to do. When we are so busy with stuffs, we wish to have a break.

Yesterday ahdi suggested to visit a friend who was sick and sent to hospital for an observation. Although we're not close, I just followed her to pay the friend a visit. She's unwell and her family is far from here, so it's better to have friends around (At least that's what I will wish for IF I were to be admitted to the hospital lah).

She will get well soon de la. Taken a quote from <3 Idiots>, put your hand over your heart and tell it "aal izz well". And then everything will be better.

After we're back from the hospital, Cai Yi went out again for McD Prosperity feast!


So after Cai Yi is back, she told me a friend of ours invited us to celebrate her junior's birthday! Of course I said okie (although I don't know her) ^^"

She's cute... Chocolate lover like me hehe...

Gotta ciao now... Wish good luck to everyone especially friends who are doing their FYP!

Au revoir,
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Monday, 12 December 2011

I'm in a Busy Mode

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Pending assignments:
1. FYP Presentation
2. Cyber Law
3. Data Structure
4. MIS Individual Report
5. E-Community Report
7. Web Programming

Jotting this so whenever I open my blog, it'll remind me not to cyber-slack.

Exam starts on 5th January 2012 somemore.

I'm doomed.

p.s: Btw I bought a new battery and laptop skin for my dear lappie ♥ Only I think it felt more comfortable to stay naked coz the skin I put on it has a lot of air bubbles :(
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Friday, 9 December 2011

My Health Status!

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Okie. Today is the date I went to take my blood test. Wanna know the results?


Bwahahaha... Turns out I might have worried too much. ^^" So I've asked the doctor, why do I look pale. He said if I don't have any constant headache, blurry vision or other sickness, then it is my physical appearance so I don't have to worry about it.

SO! I'm all normal okie! Don't have to ask me why I look pale already ha! xD

Btw, I wonder why they can't find my veins, coz twice I go for blood test, twice my both arms are poked T_T This time both arms couldn't get the blood, have to get it from my fist somemore. Ouch.
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Thursday, 8 December 2011

5th Dec 2011 - It's HER Big Day!

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OMG... This post is so backdated! So sorry that we're occupied with our FYP...

Today This day is our babe - Cai Yi's birthday!

Ahdi and me wanted to have a surprise birthday party for her since it's her first year celebrating her birthday away from home, but she had organized a lot of surprise birthday for her friends (including me!) that she told us she will find out what we're planning so don't bother to have a surprise. Plus she wants to be pretty (usually we won't dress up if there's no occasion - surprise celebration doesn't count!) so it's up to us for any planning.

Since we can't do any surprise birthday celebration, we planned to buy her a birthday dinner at Fratini's Steak House at first, but she thought it's expensive and rather have a dinner at Grand Dorsett instead (she didn't know we're gonna buy her the dinner). Also we planned to buy her a nice cake (how can a birthday goes without birthday cake!). So okie, we thought the dinner is set, but then because the due date of submitting final year report is sooo near! That we have to cancel it to finish up whatever we have yet to do. I secretly facebook messaged her friend Joe and her sis to record a video for her as I know she'll be missing her family too!

Actually I think we slipped some information a lot of times! @@ At first I suggested ahdi to edit the video, but since dinner's cancelled and she suggested to go buy the cake, so I took the responsibility to edit the video back (coz I don't think I can edit it since I'm with Cai Yi most of the time). Since she's buying the cake so I rented a car for her. Who knows, AhGong confirmed with me that I rented his car IN FRONT OF CAI YI! @@ (Aiks forgot to inform him not to mention this in front of her dy) I told ahdi immediately and when we looked for her, she told Cai Yi ahma wanted to go town to buy things so she had to fetch her, but Cai Yi already knew she's going to buy a cake for her (Cai Yi said if I admitted renting the car instead of do the face to stop ahgong from mentioning it she might have been cheated, but the immediate thought that struck me was to stop him from mentioning it leh! ><)

So that evening, I was so panic I thought I couldn't finish the video. It was a tough job editing the video okie! Coz it's so funny and warm and touched I almost died controlling my emotion to appear on my face @@ It was almost 5pm when I put everything into places and asked ahdi over. When ahdi came, she asked us to show her our interface design. I passed my pendrive to Cai Yi and she showed ahdi the pages we did until she reached the 'Member's Profile' page - there's where I embed the video to show her!

She said very lame wor.

She refused to turn it on and ahdi had to keep her busy so I can turn it on for her! Then, she cried. Hohoho... Mission accomplished! *big evil grin* Well honestly when I watched  I'm also touched and cried together ahaha... Once the video is finished, Abby (her roommie) came in with a cake and we sang a birthday song to her~ ♥

Oops, too bad her family members didn't want the video to be posted on website. So, sorry sugar-pies you can't feel the feelings together with her~

So here I wish you once again although the actual date of posting this is already late:


p.s. Wanna watch the video? Ask Cai Yi.
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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Saturday Night!

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Felt so sorry to my dear teammate... Procrastination ruined our presentation! >< Since we're given a chance to make it up, I had to stick my butt and glue my eyes on the laptop till I've finish the design.

So, after 2 days and a night of effort, I've managed to finish most of the works and we went relax for one night! ^^

Evening yesterday we went out to shop for Cai Yi's keyboard (for tetris!) and my laptop skin. Then ended up I bought a keyboard too, since my 'T' and '.' keys are not functioning well. We even bought KFC as dinner!

8.30pm sharp, we went to watch Wu Xia in lecture hall - they're having movie fiesta!

Quite nice, but I'm distracted to the horror movie screened at the next hall :p

So now... Ahoj! Gotta continue my work dy. See ya!
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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I H-A-T-E CATS!!!!!

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So you think cats are cute?
Like this?

Ok fine, maybe they're cute. But they're cute to me ONLY WHEN THEY DID NOT DO ANYTHING THAT ANNOYED ME!!!

Last semester when we stayed in Beta 1, cats often came into our house to uh... look for food and maybe poop. And one did poop in our toilet! But it's easier to clean coz we just have to flush it into the drainage pipe and clean the floor.

Then, awhile ago, a cat poop under the basin in our kitchen! Still, the cat was 'responsible' enough to cover its poops with sands so ok fine I forgave it coz the smell has gone after awhile. But this morning, Cai Yi told me that history has repeated itself. A cat had came and pooped at the same place again! This time, it didn't cover it with sand and just leave it there!


Sorry to all cat lovers but this is what I think about cats:
Secretly planning to sneak into my house and poop anywhere they want and it's always too late when we find out!

I don't have to have one to know cats are EVIL!!!

So cats, I would like to have a word with you:

Geez. Yesternight had a rain now I'll have to wait for the sands to dry so I can cover it on the poops to eliminate its smell and then clean it up.

Unless they stop trying to get into my house and poop inside, I'll never stop hating them!
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Sunday, 27 November 2011


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So many things to do, so little time to use! So stressed, so we procrastinate!

Here I wanna introduce a game I used to play during my childhood:

I used to call it tut tut gei haha Anyone from late 80s definitely will know what is this!

Now it has evolved to a battle game in Facebook:

At first I'm so happily battling with my friends, but then I had a mixed feelings when I asked mommy to play and she said it's too fast for her. Aww... She's growing old when we're growing up. It made me wanted to go home and give her a big bear hug...

*Ahem* Okie now back to the game topic. We're all so addicted to it we kept procrastinate of what we should do now! @@ (It even took me quite some time to publish a post ahaha)

Alright sweetie pies... Gotta start my work already, otherwise my works will keep piling up and never end! >﹏< Ciao!
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Thursday, 17 November 2011

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Friday, 11 November 2011


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也不知道是尿道感染还是肾结石,医生才会讲尿尿肮脏的。不过无论是哪一个,好像都很严重噢 :S

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Medical Check Up

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While friends either travel or went home during this holiday, I'm stuck in this island for medication. Erm... Well it's actually because of expensive flight ticket to KL and also I've already traveled to Kundasang (read post here). So I'm supposed to finish my pending assignments in a relax way (meaning: doesn't have to stay up late at night) in this mid-sem break.

Of course, ahdi and I went to hospital to do medical check up since we're given such a time. Remember last time I said they think I have edema? (read post here). Ahdi is having sensitive skin as her bed has bed bugs. We planned that we'll wake up naturally and go to the place after we've already prepared. Who knows, we were awaken by the noise of the workers who came and change the curtains!

Our "personal chef" Cai Yi cooked red bean porridge for us as breakfast before we leave. ♥ We planned to take mini bus to Hospital Labuan at first, but considering the hospital *might not* be able to do medical check up for us and we might have to look for any suggested clinic, we rented a car at the end.

And so the staffs in the hospital told us we have to go to Klinik Kesihatan WP Labuan for medical check up. Ahdi's consultation finished quite fast, coz the doctor already knew about her problem. Many students are facing skin irritation due to the dirtiness of the mattress. As for me, I think the doctor laughed inside their heart very loud like this coz I told them I'm very concern about my body since ahdi kept saying I'm edema fat instead of fat fat.

Anyway they still do their job, they let me to have urine test and blood test (tomorrow morning). Although they assured me I don't have edema as this is not a kind of sickness I should have (edema will only appeared on old folks, people with heart/liver/kidney problem, pregnant women), they found that I might have urinary tract infection in the urine test. So they prescribe the following medicine and I have to return to the hospital again to check on my health status:

Mixture Potassium Citrate: Reduce acidity of urine & prevention of crystalluria
Cephalexin Monohydrate: Antibiotic, to treat urinary tract infection

Medical form to take blood test
Cannot eat anything from 10pm later till tomorrow morning!

Appointment form on 27th Dec for... Next medical check up?

I already have 2 appointments after this medical check up. One is on 25th this month to check on my urinary tract infection, another one is on 27th December. I still don't know what the 2nd appointment is for.

Ahdi was called into the consultation room to tell the doctor why she thinks I have edema. I went like this in my heart too as the doctor explain to her what causes edema and what kind of syndrome one will have if he/she has edema. Hahahahaha... Sorry to drag you in. Just trying not to leave you waiting alone at outside only la xD

So what I have to do now is to drink super lot of water. Tonight I have to sleep earlier so I won't feel hungry haha :p

Btw, take care Ieki, back injury is not small case.

p.s. Is anyone good in English-Mandarin? What is 水肿 in English? Coz "edema" sounds like much serious than how we call it in Mandarin.
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Sunday, 6 November 2011


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Morning hunny! It's a nice weather, nice day to just stay in the bed for all day long ahaha.

Right. Talk about my updates. One word - Busy (meaning: procrastination). Whoever chat with me asking how am I, I replied them I'm buried under piles of assignment, still not dead yet. Got time to die no time to sick. Haha :p Well, the power comes whenever it reaches the last minute of the deadline, don't you agree?

Now after most of the assignments have submitted, it's time to take a break! ^_^ Yesterday since my friend is going home, we followed her to the airport so we can have our luxurious lunch - McD! Aww~ ♥ It's quite a long time since we last eat McD already. Of course, after a storm comes a calm. Before we can sit comfortably in the restaurant, we were facing mini "typhoon" in the campus. Even I also can't stand still being blown by the strong wind! The car my friend rent was late for half an hour, so we rushed into the campus to fetch her to the airport. The guard didn't do his duty and sitting comfortably in the guard house, so we thought we can just drove into the hostel and fetch the friend. Who knows, that LC guard put the bar down and didn't allow us to go out wtf When we scroll down the window and asked whether he can lift the bar to let us out he just pretended he couldn't listen to us!

Whatever... Hope we won't meet him during his shift again.

Of course I faced a lot of problem in some group assignment. But that's a part in a group assignment, isn't it? I'm through it :)

Although it's holiday, we still have one assignment to be submitted on Tuesday, and another one on the week after holiday. Not to mention FYP somemore. x_x
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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

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It's finally holiday! Ahdi had downloaded this sequel movie of Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2 and I've been longing to watch this movie for the whole week!

Fuh. We scared ourselves by watching horror movie at the beginning of the holiday :S haha...

Here's the explanation of the 3 movies: Paranormal Activities Q&A

Go watch!
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Holiday! :D

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Finally - The holiday that I'm looking forward to! :D

Stay tune coz I now have plenty of time to update my status! ^_^
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Saturday, 29 October 2011


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每次第一次的小组讨论不是没有人要做 Leader 就是全部人指我做 Leader。


我不是做 LEADER 的料啰!!!!!

下次要选 LEADER 的时候可以不要指我吗!!!!!

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bad Cycle 恶性循环

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Never ending cycle. No wonder I never slim down.

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Digi's Challenge for Change

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Few groups have been chosen to take part in the aforementioned competition in the main campus. Too bad our group is not one of them.

I heard some people replaced their friends to join in this competition. Honestly, if someone asked me to replace them, I will take the offer loh.

Ahdi somemore said I won't go. I only can say you don't understand me very well lah.
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Blood Donation Campaign!

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I've already heard there'll be a blood donation campaign this morning. I purposely do preparation for this campaign you know!

Previously I said I didn't pass the blood pressure test, so I slept very early last night and had a heavy breakfast this morning. (p.s. I gained weight again T_T)

Guess what? I PASSED THE TEST!!!!!
But I failed in the blood density test. :( So I didn't get to donate blood at the end.

During the blood density test the nurse asked whether Edwin is my siblings anot! :O

Ni jiu hao la, can donate blood.

Dammit I looked so fat.
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Friday, 21 October 2011

Best Random Gift Continues....

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I tell you. I am really a lucky girl.

One of our assignment is to create a website to promote local SME business, and what I had in mind was to use a cake house image as the background and insert information.

I told my sis I wish she could design a background image for my website so I won't infringe the copyright. At first she said no because she has other assignments to do as well, but last night she stayed up late and started to design the image for me!


She agreed to help me because she can put it in her portfolio. Just a reminder, please be good to designers as they put effort in designing stuffs too, so don't ask them to help you for FREE. This is our mutual benefits as I can complete my assignment while she can put it in her portfolio.

Wondering whether it's free for me? The answer is NO. But because I'm her sis so I got special treatment. I owe her starbucks de okie!

Aww... I l♥ve my sis!!!!!
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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My BEST Random Gift

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I must have done a lot a lot of good karma in my past life to be so lucky in this life.

Where can you meet such great friend?!

Last Monday Kuan went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales and she found some ASP.NET books. She purposely called to ask whether I want the book or not! And after the purchasing she even posted it to me!!! Touched or not!!!

Kuan mentioned she sent my present together. Actually I don't know for what occasion, my birthday has passed for months already and Christmas is not here yet. But nevermind lah giving present to someone you love need reason de meh?

This must be the Hatyai souvenir

My present!!!


The souvenir with the letter

But it's broken. No wonder it's pointed end!


Price tag also forgot to remove.
Hahaha just to tease you lah

The main posting item
No wonder so cheap lah! RM12 only. It's 2003 version!
But anyway it will come in handy :D

See!!! You get what I mean??? She totally doesn't have to do anything, but she purposely called and asked whether I want the book anot! And even bought the present once she saw it! First must-buy item for me!!! OMG I don't know what to say already I failed to be a good friend loh, although I made a lot of handmade cards for their birthdays or other occasions, coz ended up the cards are still with me. (Guilty)

Okie lah. Gotta nap awhile before the next class. Already kena from my other great friend Cai Yi coz didn't take proper breakfast this morning. See! Another friend that cares for my health. Me lucky anot?!

Heard that another blood donation campaign will be held on 22nd. Must be fit enough to donate blood already this time! (So I can gain some good karma to meet them again in my next life hahaha)


Lots of Love,
Debbie ♥
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