Monday, 28 February 2011

APN Celebration Dinner

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We had our APN celebration dinner yesternight. Since there's an APK group which offers 3D acrylic nail art, I went to "decorate" my nails =p I curled my hair on the same night too.

Before we depart

This is where we had our dinner

The programmers wanted us to perform wor...
(Cai Yi very cunning lo, purposely drag people so she doesn't have to sing on the stage...)

Certificate-Giving Ceremony.
Souvenir's Department

The same APK group offers polaroid instant photo-taking, so we had fun on it too~

It's great to be part of the team (Although it could get super stressed at the moment =p) ♥

***Pictures credited to Uncle Alvin the President of the Board, Roy, YingYing, Pei Jie***
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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Chap Goh Meh

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Eastern Valentine's Day, falls on the 15th day (also the final day) of Chinese New Year. Ladies will throw tangerines in hope to get a good husband.

But in this occasion, I didn't go anywhere. I just stayed in my small hostel room with my dear roommate today. Pity us, no one invite us to do anything, or go anywhere. Early in the morning we went to class, but the class was cancelled because the lecturer wasn't here. == Wasted our precious half an hour in the class till his assistant informed us the class was cancelled. We could have sleep longer! On my way back to hostel, I brought my books to return to the library. Out of 3 books, I brought 2 books only! @@ Left out one in my room... But I didn't see it this morning when I stuff those books into my bags eh!

At first, my roommate and I planned to go to town today, but the weather didn't allow us to. So we just had our nap in room. Then, I cooked porridge as my dinner. Who knows, the rice cooker spoiled when it's still cooking! @@ I had to continue the cooking with my roommate's rice cooker... I got my warranty card, but it has to be claimed with the proof of purchase. I dug out all the receipts I kept, but that particular receipt gone missing! Fine, I'm going to pretend that I didn't read the rules and regulations on the warranty card. When I was about to add some soy sauce for the taste, the soy sauce was mildewed! @#$%^&*

After that, then only I knew friends are having feast together. Alright. When they hang out, they said they have enough people in a car already, that's why didn't invite me. Fine. When I asked them to go out, they said they're busy, or not available, this and that. Not a good timing. Fine. But having feast doesn't need a good timing, nor people limitation, isn't it? =( I feel I'm obviously being pushed out from the clique.

Luckily, I still have my jimui - Kuan. She chatted with me at first, then webcam with me~ At least it's not too bad for my Chap Goh Meh huh. =)
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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Happy Birthday to My Dearest Brother

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Almost forgot his birthday xD Too bad house phone is spoiled. When I called Daddy, he went to sleep already. Anyhow,

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Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

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Happy Valentine's Day~♥
Probably our lecturer wants to celebrate this occasion too so he replaced his class today on the other day xD

I - Love - You

This was taken few years ago, my sis took this picture to convey her love to me before I depart to Labuan for my tertiary education (^_^), but I guess it's still appropriate to with everyone a Happy Valentine's Day with it, ain't it? ;-)

Oh I almost forgotten something. Today is also my cousin brother's birthday! Happy Birthday to him and Happy Valentine's Day especially to my be♥ed sis~
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Friday, 11 February 2011

Last Day... With My ♥ Sis!

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After some discussion with my jimui-s, I decided to not go out. It was 3am this morning. We still haven't decide where to go. On the other hand, mommy didn't like me to go out on the last day. It made me lost all my mood. So I gave up. Better to stay at home.

My lovely sis knew I was emo. Super emo. So she suggested to hang out together. But I wasn't getting any better, so we decided to let me just stay at home to have the last warmth of it. I didn't even want to start packing after I woke up. Just opened the Facebook page, then keep refresh and refresh.

My sis wanted to make me happy, so she asked Jackie to come and bring us to IOI mall. Luckily that cheered me up =D

Thanks dear sis~ ^_^♥ Now I'm willingly to start to pack my luggage already.
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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Reluctant to Go Back!

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Maybe this holiday is too rush for me. Didn't go out during the first few days because mommy didn't like to. Then, went back to kampung, grandparents' house for 5 days. Reached home at Saturday night. 3 of my jimui-s are not available on Sunday so can't hang out. I managed to visit some other primary school friends though.

Then, they started to work and study. My jimui-s are only available tomorrow. Too bad, mommy doesn't like me to go out on the last day too, because she wants me to pack my luggage and all that. I only managed to join the gathering after some nagging from my mom. :s

Aih... I'm wondering whether is the holiday too short or not. I'm really reluctant to go back to that island, and don't know why this feeling is stronger than any previous experience!!!!! I'm damn emo now loh!!! T_T
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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I wanna watch movies, I wanna go shopping!!!

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Last week, we went back to mommy's kampung for almost a week. We came back on Saturday night, and from the previous post, I went to visit friends (to get angpau) on Sunday. Parents started their work and friends started their class on Monday. So, no one have time for gathering and we don't have transport to go out.

Not only no gathering with my jimui-s, I didn't even managed to even watch one single movie during this holiday! @@ My youngest sis knew I wanted to watch movie very much, so she asked me to book tickets for tomorrow's movie. I wanted to watch Great Day, Homecoming and the Green Hornet, but since the showtime is not suitable, so I just book the tickets for Great Day. (Sayang her so much... Muax!)

Jann suggested to either go i-City, Tenji Restaurant or KL Lookout Point Restaurant. She said she's kinda bored to hangout at malls every time. But the problem is, who's going to drive? And how about my Vampire's Night's costume and accessories and cosmetics??? I haven't got the chance to go out and look for them! @@

Why is our CNY holiday so short...!!!

p/s: Play Angry Birds whenever I feel bored. Not because it's interesting, but merely because I want to get the highest ranking for every level!
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Sunday, 6 February 2011


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Promised Kuan to visit her today. Then a primary school friend, Yi Ling asked me to visit her. So, I went to visit her in the afternoon.

Yi Ling and me

I thought I'm going to Kuan's house after that. But then she said there are some other primary school friends nearby, so she sent me to the friend's house. Then I followed them house to house to get angpau~ xD 2 of them already get married and have kids! @@

Then, as I've promised, Kuan's house is the last stop.

Chloe on my lap with Kuan~

It's quite a new year that I can gather with my primary school friends again. =D Too bad Jann need to go back to campus on this day while Yin got her Baitiangong event.

Anyway, HAPPY CHINESE BUNNY YEAR everyone~ ^_^
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5 days in Kampung

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Yes... I'm back from my grandparents' house after such a long hour traffic jam from Ipoh to KL!

Seeing those kids running all around made me think of our past... It makes me feel like I'm old already! @@ On the first day we went back, my uncle said he downloaded a cute game - Angry Birds. And so the game spread like virus. You can see the whole house, that ALL the laptops are displaying Angry Birds - Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE - Adults and kids!) are playing the same game at the same time!

Didn't go anywhere actually, just to some relatives' house (whom I can't really tell how to address them because of the relationship) to get angpau. So most of the time we just play mahjong. My siblings vs my cousins. =p

Here are some of the pics taken before we come back:

My lovely grandparents~

It's great to see my grandparents still in good condition =)

Wishing everyone have a healthy and prosperous bunny year ahead~

p/s: Check out my sis's blog for detailed story =D (CNY Day 1, CNY Day 2 - Fever Attacked!, CNY Day 3 & 4)
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