Monday, 25 April 2011

Nightmare! Natural Disaster!

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Yesterday I bet with my roommate that I will go to bed on 11pm. And I did!

But of course it's already my habit to stay up very late so I just rolled on the bed talking to my roommate until she went to bed too. =p

Then, I had nightmare. I dreamt that I was in a shopping complex (not the shopping MALL in Labuan!). When I was about to go out, water floods in from the main entrance! People screamed and turned back into the complex, but another flood came from the other way! But when we're surrounded with flood of water from three directions, it stopped gradually...

According to this website, dreaming about flood means the start of new phase of life and renewed personal growth, while this chinese website explains that dreaming about flood brings good things. =D (however, none of the sites states that I'll have good luck in my exam, or getting good results... :S)

On the other hand, my roommate dreamt about landslides! Before we checked on the meaning of the dreams, what I can think of is -- END OF THE WORLD! @@
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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mr Perverted!

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This condition had continues for almost a month (Since around March 13). Kuan received a few before, and she scolded that pervert, and that ends the disturbing calls to her. But for me, I just picked up the phone and leave it there while doing my own things. Tried to waste his credit ma. Occasionally I thought want to play Metha Chant to let him think he called to the wrong place (eg Funeral!) so he will stop calling. But before I could load the song, he stopped callling already.

Sometimes, after a few miss calls, he will send sms like: 'please don't get angry, I'm f*cking with my indonesia maid', 'im sorry im f*cking with my aunty maid', things like that (EWW!!! So geli, so disgusting!!!)

Yesterday, I went to ah di's house to play Mastermind with her. While we're playing, that pervert miss called again! I told ah di I've been disturbed for almost a month already, so she asked for the number and scolded that guy! (We knew it's a guy because he replied with a "Hello?"!) After that, ah di became his new target! He called ah di and made those geli, disgusting breathing sound! Too bad ah di managed to record the end part for 20secs only. Then, the pervert tried to approach ah di in sms: Are you Linda? Ah di replied: No I'm Susan. (LOL!) Ah di wanted to find out who's that, so she asked him to on Facebook or msn. We even created a fake account to fool him! But at the end he just wanted to stay low and chat by sms only, so we didn't find him out.

Ah di said the number is Perak number. 0125414318! This is it! Ah di's boyfriend had sms warned him, so I think he won't call again ba...

Some friends suggested us to report to the police, but I don't know what can they do, as we have not enough concrete proof... Somemore, what they can advice us to do is just change our number. Ah di suggested to wait for awhile more, coz if he didn't take any further action, we don't want to make it big too.

Well... The thought of being involved in legal issue does make me feels uncomfortable. :S
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Friday, 22 April 2011

Vote for me!

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(I've gathered a lot of courage to do this... OMG I can't believe I'm showing my ugly face to the whole world! @@)

Yup! My photo has been uploaded to the contest page... Please like this page KAIKO ACADEMY and vote for this picture by clicking the LIKE button!

NOPE I'm not going to show my pictures here! @@


If you see the following picture, please vote for her as well~

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Thursday, 21 April 2011


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Yesterday night I chatted with my sister and we talked about contests.

This evening my roommate made me enter a contest. What contest is it? It's a make-up contest, where we have to submit a photo of us before and after make-up... (Check here)

And... OMG! My sis said I looked like my mom before I make-up! @@ (Does that mean I look very old???)

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


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Vampires are night creatures. They only come out at night, because the sun can hurt them or kill them. They are known as the living dead, because they are corpses that rise again when the sun sets. The vampires rise nightly to seek out and feed on their victims. Vampires thirst for blood, for blood is the key to their immortality. Without blood they will die. Their body dries up because of the lack of blood and they will die in agony. The blood refreshes the body and gives them energy and certain power. (Info)

So, our school organized this event for the thirsty vampires to hunt - It's the dawn for the immortalities!

Preparing in the room

The Seductive Vampires~

Ah Jie: (Emo-ing...)
Me: (Compelling...) Hey, over there... Yes it's you, come over here...
Cai Yi: (Innocent) Come, take photo with us... Don't be shy~ ♥

Left to Right: Ah Di, Me, Ah Jie, PeiJie, Cai Yi
Ah Di: Our agent. Hunt for blood for us.
Me: Can't wait to go for the dinner...
Ah Jie: (Snap faster, I wanna go back to my little corner and continue emo...)
PeiJie: (After this photo, that cameraman is MINE!)
Cai Yi: The hostess for the dinner.

Cai Yi the hostess

Hm... Let's see what on the menu?

Getting into the ballroom

Our pretty PR.

Ugh! HUMAN! (Irresistible!)

What?! Blackcurrent?! I want BLOOD!!!

Cai Yi: Preparing to start the dinner.
(She look just exactly like a hostess!!!)
Now this is his real face...

Cai Yi: Introducing two vampires to each other...

Why the Dean talk for so long?! I'm hungry!!!

The Preys...

Ugh! I have to control myself!

Argh! I want some BLOOD!

Yup... The event is ended!
(Taken with the organizer and the committee members)

Alright, let's follow the bat to the next stop!

Ah Di: My Highness, which bat should I follow?? :S

Yeap, we're contented. ♥ Thanks Ah Di

Cai Yi & Me: (Bwahaha... This will be our supper...) xD

PeiJie - The boss

The Vampire Sisters

YingYing the Vegetarian Vampire

Oops! I can't help myself!

Back to the normal look after the feast *Yum Yum*

**Pics credited to Roy, Ying Ying, Cai Yi, Edwin, Alvin**
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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


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I want to get an intern in IT field during semester break!!!

I NEED to learn more!!! ><
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Monday, 11 April 2011

New Look!

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It's been quite sometime that people keep telling me to trim my eyebrows. So, after all the hectic assignments have been handed in, Cai Yi and Ah Jie accompany me to trim my eyebrows this morning.

This is how my brows look like now...

Both Cai Yi and Ah Jie can't accept it at first. (@@) Denius and Gillian said look better. My sis said I looked fierce. (T_T)

This is after the brows trimming.
We can't come out doing nothing, aye?

ARGH! I still need time to accept my new look!

**Pics credited to Cai Yi**
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Sunday, 10 April 2011

9 Apr 2011 - My 22nd Birthday Celebration! ♥

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Honestly. Frankly. I wanted a birthday celebration from my friends. Like any other friends do.

Before I enter university, my birthday was celebrated with my family and friends. Last year it was Cai Yi, Ah Jie and Edwin who celebrated it for me. But it's just a small celebration. I envied friends who had birthday celebrations. Friends spent time planned for the surprise, chose for the birthday cakes, and enjoyed in the celebration with laughter and joy.

I prepared myself mentally already, that I'm not going to have any celebration again this year coz my birthday always falls on assignment due date, or study week. But still I just can't help to complain to my roommate that I really really wish to have one, at least one...

Friday night Ah Gor brought me out to celebrate with me. Also to celebrate for him as this is his last year studying here so I bought a birthday cake for both of us. (I felt that I'm pathetic to have to buy my own birthday cake T_T)

Today it went normally. I went to tutorial class, had a nap in the afternoon, and of course complained to my roommate that I'm pathetic to have to buy my own birthday cake (ahaha). When I watched Happy Tree Friends at night, I told my roommate that I wanted to eat junk food. So we go to K-mart with Ah Jie. Cai Yi said Yu Jin borrowed camera from her again. So she left me and Ah Jie choosing our junk food. After we bought what we want, Ah Jie said Lenglui Chaifong aunty asked her to do something for the Vampire Night. So we went to the meeting room. I peeped inside the meeting room and saw the screen, I really thought they're having meeting. But after I sms-ed Cai Yi, she said she's with Siva, and so coincidently I heard Siva's voice came from the staircase beside the meeting room, so I went to have a look see whether I can find Cai Yi there.

Then there!!! I saw a bunch of friends holding birthday cake and chit chatting there and - all of them stunned and I'm stunned too! Ah Jie realized I found out what's going on so she said, "SHIT YOU AH!!!" then drag me out of the way (HAHAHA)... After enter the meeting room, they showed me the video... It's damn touching!!!

I couldn't believe that Jann and Kuan are involved in this video making!!! And my family members!!! That's so sweet of them!!! My home-sickness is getting worse now!!! (The only imperfection is Yin wasn't in it)

Special thanks to my dear roommate Cai Yi who had planned it for almost a week! Also my sis and her boyfriend who made me this video! Yu Jin and Siva who bought me the cake! Wei Chien who boiled the eggs! Edwin who arranged the alignment of the eggs! Ah Ma and Ah Di who prepared the birthday card! Ah Ba who set up the projector and provided his laptop for the screening! Ah Jie who lure me to the meeting room!

And of course thanks to Uncle Low, Christ, Robin, Yee Lau, and BearBear for coming to the party! ♥


More: Facebook album, My sisCai Yi, Ah Jie


This is the part where I'm wondering!
Who are these Vijay & Suresh?!
Are they the one I knew in Form 6?!
How did you get their signatures?!
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Saturday, 9 April 2011


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你们...! 太强了! 居然把我骗了一个星期那么久!


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Friday, 1 April 2011

阿姐的生日派对 31/3/2011

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合作演出:阿爸、阿妈、Uncle Low、盈琏、阿羚、Robin、Wei Chien


我让阿弟跟阿姐一起先来“开会”,然后开会中途朋友们才进来唱生日歌。可是阿弟想让第一计划顺利进行,所以他就使出一招缓兵之计,说我们组里面的马来人上英文课没那么早放学啦、放学了又有什么masjid的meeting啦... 拖到阿姐好像都有点不爽了,没办法才去“开会”。

哪里知道!他们这个时候出来就遇上刚放学回家的佩洁(@@)佩洁就一直缠着他们问他们去哪里啦、开什么会啦...(@@" 我-的-天-啊... 竟然在这个时候节外生枝?!)其他同学都到另一个房间集合准备了,彩凤安娣一直叫佩洁走(她不知道我们的计划所以基本上也不知道要去哪里 @@)... 整个气氛搞得怪怪的 @@ 最后我只好使出调虎离山计叫阿姐陪我上厕所,然后阿弟才成功让佩洁去另一个房间集合... (可是我上完厕所出去的时候还是不小心让阿姐看到大家都去那个房间了 T_T)

不管了,plan照走、会照开。阿弟间中还来一招无中生有,开自己电话的铃声然后假装跟我们组的马来人讲电话(阿弟你不去当演员实在是太浪费了!!!)最后我们掰无可掰,彩凤安娣就叫阿姐陪她上厕所。她们才刚站起来,大家就闯进来唱生日歌了!(阿姐好像有楞了一下... 希望是有惊喜到... 最好是有惊喜到啦... ><")



阿姐的蛋糕~ Oreo Cheese Cake~





请问... 你们在干吗?

被佩洁弄成这样 =p

最后,既然我们都在场... 择日不如撞日,就来拍张全家福吧!




生日快乐!~ ♥
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