Sunday, 15 May 2011

Happy Birthday Ah Di~ ♥

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Ah Di's birthday always falls on school holiday, semester break. No matter how she just can celebrate it at home.

Last year, I didn't manage to do anything for her but just a simple birthday card. I wanted to have a birthday party with her too, but because of some complications, I didn't get to do so. =(

Anyhow, her friend pm me in Facebook that she's going to make her a CD compiled with birthday wishes from everyone who're close with her ♥ Aww... That's sweet! I'm not very good in making a video clip so I just made a picture from some photos taken last time, and it has been my desktop wallpaper for quite some time ^^ And it still is (Have to purposely change my desktop wallpaper everytime she came to look for me leh =p)

Smiles and Laughter, Joy and Cheer
New Happiness that stays throughout the year
Hope your Birthday brings all these and more
Filling Life with Surprise and Joys Galore!


Lots of hugs and kisses,
Your Erjie ♥

p/s: I'm not sure whether her friend will make the CD or not 'cause she had already knew the plan  I purposely post this at this time, so hopefully she's gotten it by now...(?) =)
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