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Penang 3D2N Trip

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Last week, my dad asked me to "represent" him to Penang for a conference. Since I'm the one who has nothing to do at home (and because I want to escape from house chores which I dislike very much) so I agreed. However it still took me some time to pack my luggage because I didn't really want to go (just came back for a couple of weeks then leave again? And alone? No! ><) I hope you readers can forgive me for not attaching a lot of photos here, for I'm not the kind of person who will take photos of myself =p

Day 1 (Thursday, 26 May 2011)
Daddy sent me to the place to gather at 6.30am. He arranged a colleague of him, Ms Kew to look after me. (My dad introduced me with my English name which I stopped using it since primary school! @@) The company had 3 travel buses to take all of us, I'm in Coach A while Ms Kew in Coach C, so I'm kinda bored during the whole journey... (Friends who know me long enough will know how suffered am I for the whole journey. Sien.) Most of the agents in Coach A are elderly people so the bus had to stop quite often for them to go toilet, therefore we reached the destination later than everyone else.

Ms Kew is already in the hotel when I reached, so we put our luggage into our room before going for hotel's buffet lunch. I have to say Ms Kew is a kind lady! She got me another company shirt (which we had to wear it the next day during seminar) because my dad requested an XL sized shirt and she knew my dad would like to keep that for himself. ^_^ Our room was big, 2 attached double bed and 2 single beds! After we've done our lunch, we came back to the room to have a nap. Ms Kew told me we'll have another friend, Ms Liu to stay with us. We were told to go for the dinner at 7pm, but both Ms Kew and Ms Liu are committee members in prize giving ceremony so they had to go earlier, and of course I followed them.

Before the dinner starts, everyone gather at the outside of the ballroom chatting with each other. Luckily Ms Kew and Ms Liu came out to accompany me once in a while so I'm not so bored. When the door is opened, Ms Kew lead me to a table to sit with her agents. It's either good or bad news, because I'm sitting among uncles and be a rose among the thorns, but because I'm a girl they served me or let me start the meals. During the whole night, I have to answer the standard 3 questions: Your name is? [Debbie.] (Thanks to my parents I had to introduce myself with this unfamiliar name...) You're from which company? [I represent my dad.] Oh so who's your father? [Mr Khaw.] (Yea, that's me, answers are shorter than the questions itself.) After the dinner ends, we went back to our room and sleep.

Day 2 (Friday, 27 May 2011)
We received a morning call at 6.45am but we woke up at 7am and went down for breakfast at 7.30am. After the breakfast, we had to attend a seminar at 8am (Of course, the seminar started late). I sat in the ballroom and started to daydream since the content of the seminar had nothing to do with me =p At 9.45am, we went for a group photo session, tea break, then continued the seminar. We went for lunch at 12pm and went for Penang city tour at 1.30pm.

It took half an hour from our hotel (Bayview Hotel) to the city center. We passed by a place which I wanted to go very much - Toy Museum! Too bad we can only follow the spots arranged. We went to the local product shop, Thai Temple and Burmese Temple, a bakery shop (Aunties said the taosa biscuits here is nice wor, but I didn't manage to buy one... Luckily Ms Kew gave me a box ^^) and our final stop is Kek Lok Si. I've been to Penang years ago so those places are not attractive enough for me. Plus we're following the travel agent, not with our friends or family. (I want to go Toy Museum lah!!!!! ><) I noticed a girl who's very pretty! I wonder she's an agent or she came with her mother.

It's already around 6pm when we're finally back to our room and our dinner starts at 7.30pm. It's themed Hawaiian Night! Suddenly I hoped so much that I have a Hawaii dress, but I just have a spring dress. Plus Cai Yi is not with me (T_T) so my make up was very very ordinary too. They had a Best Dress award too, and the pretty girl I mentioned won the prize. I think it's quite bias lo, coz the girl didn't dress according to the theme, she won just because she's pretty. The performance of the night was all Karaoke session, which is quite "suffering" because those uncles can't really sing XD But I have to say there are really a few agents who can sing very well la. We stayed until 12am then only we went back to sleep.

Day 3 (Saturday, 28 May 2011)
We woke up at 8am and went to have breakfast. The buffet breakfast was all the same as the previous day, it seems like not many choices. Ms Kew asked me how old am I? I told her I'm already 22 and she looked shock, coz her other agents asked her whether I'm one of her agent or not because I looked like I haven't finish my Form 5, and she thought I'm still 19... Hahaha~ After the breakfast, we took our things in the room and check out at 9am. Ms Kew was kind enough to change my bus from Coach A to Coach C to be with her, but the bus came late so we started our journey back at around 10am. We stopped at a rest area to have lunch, but I didn't have small change so Ms Kew treat me again! I told you she's very kind!

We reached the office at 4pm and that's the end of the tour.
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