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18th June 2011 - It's Our Day! =D

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Our baby Jann's birthday falls on 14th (Tuesday). Since we all haven't have time to look for her present, we decided to have a surprise birthday celebration for her. Luckily the camera's battery didn't put on a strike, coz normally it will used up quite fast although it is fully charged.

Since my sis is going out for a wedding lunch, we took some photos together:

I told Kuan I'll be at her house at 8am, but my mom insisted to let me have my breakfast (we'll have our breakfast in Greenbox later that day ><) so I was half an hour late to her house. Kuan's popo said I looked thinner! ♥ And after Kuan's mom is back from market, she said I get prettier too!! ♥

So Yin drove us to Jusco Cheras Selatan, then we headed to Greenbox. We got ourselves a room, then Kuan and I sneaked out to Secret Recipe to buy a cake for Jann.

Hazelnut Cheese Cake ♥

I met Ah Ma there (as expected)! Thanks her a lot to help in sending in the cake and taking the video for us ♥ She was working so I didn't have the chance to take picture with her =p

The Fantastic Four! ♥

After celebrating her belated birthday, we went to the food court and have a small chat. One of the topic was about going to the casino. Kuan and I experienced that the guard asked us to show our passport when we enter the casino in Macau. Jann said she's a bit disappointed coz the guard didn't check her IC when she entered the casino. I know what's the reason. She put on her make up!

We went back to Kuan's house at 4.30pm and rest for awhile, then I'm home at 5pm. Mommy said they're going to Genting casino at night so I have to go home earlier if I want to follow them!

Facebook album (I'm not going to upload the videos here as Ah Ma didn't want to show her face PLUS I'm too lazy to edit the video...)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

In order to prove my theory (the guard will check our IC if we didn't put on make up) I cleaned up my face removing all the make ups, changed into T-shirt and Jeans. And of course, the guard asked me to show my IC.

My dad wanted to go to the International Room, so he asked my mom to apply a temporary guest card for me.

I looked stupid ><

Some of my friends said they're working in Genting Casino, but I really wonder in which part they work coz I didn't see any of them in anywhere. Mommy let me played a few games at some slot machines, and trrooooop! RM50 gone. @@ Fuh! Can't come to casino, money can go damn easily... But anyhow, by playing a few games there and I earned 0.06 points already ahaha... This card is valid till end of June 2016, that means I still can use it to play in the casino within this 5 years time hehe.

Here's an incident when my dad finished his gambling and going to change his chips into cash. He removed all the chips from his pocket but dropped 2, one in front of him and one at his back. He didn't notice the chip at his back and just continue counting his chips figuring how much cash he could get. Of course, I immediately grabbed the chip and return it to my dad. Then my mom told me, a lady standing at the side of the queue intended to pick the chip already since my dad didn't seem to notice it, luckily I'm swift enough to overtake her and return the chip to my dad. Who knows, when I tell my sis about this incident this morning, all of them shoot me back! They said my dad was trying to create an affair with the lady and I spoiled the chance! @@ They said that my dad didn't have a handkerchief to "drop" on the floor so he used his chip to replace the handkerchief (In ancient time, girls would drop their handkerchief to attract the attention of the guy they like, and thus creating an opportunity for them to know each other!). LOL...
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