Thursday, 23 June 2011

I ♥ My Sis!

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I was quite sleepy during my working hour on Tuesday, so I decided to sleep an hour earlier, at 10pm. After half an hour sleep then I only recalled the clothes we bought online has reached, so I smsed my sis to inform her about that and asked whether she'll come home or not. After her reply, I got back to my sweet dreams. Yesterday I woke up at 4am because my youngest sis switched on the playlist in her laptop and played it throughout the night and I was woke by the songs (==") Anyway it's not the main point. The point is, after I woke up I checked my handphone to see any further replies from my sis, and there! She asked me whether I want to watch movie with her or not as she has won 2 free movie passes for the movie "Attack the Block". It was sent near midnight. Since she's already back home, I told her I want to go for the movie. Then she told me, I didn't reply her message so she asked her boyfriend to go with her already.

Yup. I was as if struck by bolt of lightning. She asked her boyfriend to go with her because I didn't reply her! I understand that actually the place to collect the movie is very far, in Sunway Pyramid. Mommy wouldn't let us drive there by ourselves, while sis's boyfriend is able to bring her to Sunway. But I was just sooo upset I felt like her boyfriend has replaced my position in my sis's heart!

Ended up I couldn't sleep for the next hours and continue to feel sleepy in office.

I guess my sis could feel that I'm upset, so during my lunch hour she asked me again whether I want to go for the movie or not (Of course I WANT!), and so we asked daddy to send us there. Daddy said he's afraid that we'll meet traffic jam so he asked me to leave earlier (First time ever in my working days I left earlier!).

We're early to Sunway Pyramid (The movie ticket was to be collected at 8pm-8.30pm but we reached there at 7pm!) so we walked around in the mall first. Sis bought necklaces and earrings for all of us! ^_^ And right before we collect the movie passes, we went to Baskin Robin to have our PINK day ice cream! I didn't know Baskin Robin have such promotion! ♥ (I told my sis I wanna work in Baskin Robin some time later, be the earliest in the stall and try all the ice creams before start working and try once again before we finish work! )

Earrings bought from Forever 21

Sisters' Necklace

I didn't know BR has got PINK day!

This is the movie we watched! Preview screening somemore!

Free movie passes! Couple seats we got! ^_^

It's the first time ever I watch the preview screening of a movie! And we're given the couple seat! It's my first time sitting in a couple seat! There're some violence scene in the movie ie head ripped off a person's body, most of them blocked their view with their hands while I continue eating my popcorns as if nothing happened in the movie

This is just the preview screening in normal hall. My sis even experienced watching a movie in Premium Hall and Gold Class Hall! Once is luck, twice is coincidence, thrice is skills. She really has the time and skills to win all the competition for free movie passes!

That movie seems like quite short, it finished after one and a half hour. By the time we reached home and bathed, it's already past midnight. Ah... Continue to feel sleepy later at work la.
After all, I still have a place in my sis's heart

p/s: When I'm home, I realised I missed out one thing - Try SNO in Sunway Pyramid! (Leng's Recommend) :S
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Cinderella said...

where you bought the sister's necklace? how much ah?

Debbie K. 欣薇 said...

Forever 21 in Sunway Pyramid, RM9 each

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