Monday, 20 June 2011

Results Out!

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I was half packing ready to go home when I saw a message posted in plurk this evening. My eyes gone (O.O) when I saw the message - I thought it'll be announced tomorrow! And then, my heart go racing in less than a second.

I was half praying to the God to not let me fail in any of the subjects ahaha... Well, ended up it wasn't as bad as I thought. I got an A, A-, B, B- and 3C+. LOL. Still consider not bad huh. (自欺欺人 xD) My E-Commerce Business Model, Human Computer Interaction, and Business Management got C+ and a B- for Mandarin, as expected. My GPA has improved 0.27 and another improvement of 0.02 for CGPA~ ♥

Ya my results are not as good as friends who got above 3 in their GPA and CGPA, but let's not compare with each other, it's what we deserved though, ain't it? =) Some friends said let's work harder next semester, but what I worry for now is our FYP. My partner and me still thinking it through, not knowing what's the best way to write the proposal form even though we already have something in mind. :S

Oh a small reminder here, when you check your results please remember to go to Kolej Kediaman>Status Asrama/NR Pelajar and click to verify your stay in hostel next semester. Also beneath the results there's a survey I'm not sure what is it for, but I can't answer most of the questions ahaha =p

p/s: When is actually the Father's Day? The 3rd Sunday or 20th of June?? :S
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