Friday, 29 July 2011

My Off Day

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My boss has been so kind to me he gave me a day off today (and keep asking me to go shopping ahaha... As if I'm not contributing much enough for the country's economy xD) So in order to make my life "not so boring" I decided put good use on this day by meeting up with my ex colleagues (and also hunt for daddy's birthday present with my youngest sis).

And the difference of my size compared to the last time they saw me (the last time I visited them was during CNY) has obviously shocked them They said I kembung like a balloon! I felt so eff-ed up with my physical body lah *sob* *sob* Anyway I'm glad to see Karyin and Aunty Lilian still in good condition :-)

I then had lunch with Ieki and Aunty (Too bad Karyin cannot join us) in Pavilion. Everytime I meet Ieki she'll definitely pass me all the stamps she collected! That's so kind of her We were also very lucky to meet the opening of Tokyo Street in Pavilion! Aiks I forgot to take pictures... I thought I could snap some coz I intended to show my sis the place but her stupid teenage rebellion ruined the day . I'll explain what happen later. Anyway you still can google it right?

After lunch they had to go back to work so I waited for my mom to fetch my sis and meet me up in Pavilion. IDK what took them so long I waited for more than an hour for them I passed by so many ice cream stalls while walking around to pass the time luckily the line "kembung like balloon" kept playing in my head that kept me away from getting myself one...

And of course hanging around with mommy definitely will have the chance to go shopping! Haha she bought us a pair of shoes each (tell boss: I shopped leh! You satisfied already? Just kidding.) Then my sis showed me to the shop where she wanted to have that thing as daddy's birthday present. And just because I wasn't agree with it so she threw tantrum on me ! I don't want to argue with her so I just put the blame on her teenage rebellion. (Erjie I wished you were here ) Ended up we didn't get anything for daddy.

Anyhow because we're born in the same family so she 'befriended' me again after a short time ahaha. Aih I really don't know how to deal with her lah, she and my brother made me so headache. I wasn't this bad during my teenage phase, was I? (NOOOOO! I'm still young I'M still young I'M STILL young I'M-STILL-YOUNG!!! *self-hypnotizing*)

Oh btw I met a schoolmate in my mom's office! She's from MBSSKL as well, studied in the same class with Yin (Not strange if I don't know what's her name, right? We're not even thaaat close) *Sighs* She's so slim and so pretty leh wahh I'm so so down again lo
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Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Life is Boring :'(

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This afternoon my superior finally came and fulfil his promise (which he made approximately one month ago) - treat me Japanese food!
Actually my boss had already treated me once because he ffk me that time coz boss said since he already promised me so boss treated me first lorh  (But the lunch boss treated me is much yummier than the one I just had this afternoon lah IDK why they don't have sashimi ahaha)

Anyway that's not the main point. During the lunch session of course will have some small chat. So for the first 10 mins while we made our order and waiting for our food he explained to me about my current task. And I was quietly listening to his explanation.

Then he decided to drop the work-related topic when our food is ready. So he asked me what do I usually do at home. I have a deep thought, and replied with "online". Hm. Seriously, that's what I do to pass my free time when I don't have to go for work.

Alright. Then he asked again, how's my past. I went silent for like, 5 minutes ! Now I came to think of it, I didn't experience anything special during my past ...

Then, to make me say something, he gave his last try and asked what I'm into, ie. any songs or hobbies or whatever and I was like, complete silent again coz I couldn't come up with a favourite song, nor a favourite singer, nor a favourite game (I'm so not into games/movies/dramas nowadays!) and etc etc etc!

So the conclusion is I was a complete mute during the whole lunch session (probably just came up with some mm's, ohh's and ahh's to show I'm listening to what he's talking about... It's just like someone with speech disorder) and my superior did all the talking.

Then I become so down because I found that I might have accidentally travelled in time and skipped my teenage and adulthood and already reached my old age I have nothing about myself to talk about! My life is so boring 

End Note:
That bothers me for the rest of my day. Coz you know, there still are chances that people asked me the same questions so I have to think through it.

I do hang out with friends. Just that most of the time we couldn't find the right time to gather that's why I didn't go out. And I don't go out at night. Yea I'm a good gurl, thankkiu bearie mushy. I couldn't say that I shop, could I? If you followed my blog/plurk/facebook, you'll find that I don't shop that often. And please someone ajak me for movie. I'm so dying to go for a movie. =(

I checked with my sister and I found that she didn't know who was Amy Winehouse as well (I thought it was some winehouse which sells wine when my superior mentioned it ) What my sis knew was only the news that Amy died. And maybe I listen to Chinese radio station every morning and evening in the car that's why I know Mandarin songs more than English songs.

I do play games. But I get bored very fast. Hm, I'm so hard to be pleased huh.

Well, it seems like I'm still an earthling huh (Not some alien from another planet) An extraordinary abnormal earthling. 
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Sunday, 24 July 2011

The UGLY Truth (Encrypted)

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Note: Please do not pass the key around (or share the page around after you've decode it, or anyway you can do to expose the content of this blog). This is my privacy. It's my choice to share with whoever I want, or to hide it from whoever I want, so please respect it. Thankkiu berrie mushy.
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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sis's Singing Competition

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Today I had to cancel my tutorial because of sis's singing competition. Not that I wanted to complain, but my sifu is also not available so the tuition is being called off. (He has outing tomorrow so the tutorial will be postponed to next Saturday again... Aih.)

We woke up quite early this morning at around 7am and reach at around 8am. Sis joined her friend while I walked around Petaling Street with my mom. Most of the shops weren't open yet.

Anyhow we managed to "waste" our time till around 9.30am and then we entered the school hall And chiang chiang chiang chiang! Here I present you the video clip of my sis's singing:

This video is converted from MOV file to AVI file using a trial version converter downloaded from so they put the watermark there (didn't know it will be that big and at the center somemore ==")

My sis is the one wearing red horizontal strips singlet with white top ^^ Her partner sang the first line wrongly... ==" Luckily the panel of juries didn't criticize about that =p

Sis told me her friends said her sis is pretty leh Hehe~ Thankkiu berry mushy!

Alright back to the topic. They had the voting session too! But I don't think they count the votes ==" coz they announced the winner quite fast. Anyhow, my sis got the second place for the competition!

After the competition is ended, mommy brought us to McD in Sungei Wang to have our lunch. I was so given up with my weight so I ordered GCB with McShakers (fml). I didn't really want to eat ice cream also, but I don't know why I just keep asking my sis whether she wants to eat or not coz if she does then I'll get one for myself as well wtf And after our lunch we went to shop around. Mom bought sis a pair of high heel shoes (as a reward for winning a second prize in her singing competition xD) and of course I can have new shoes too ^_^ It's sales everywhere we can get RM20 for a pair of very nice high heel shoes!

p/s: I shouldn't have add my superior in my msn.
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Friday, 15 July 2011

Happy Birthday M♥mmy

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Today is mommy's birthday! Mommy sent youngest sis to school early in the morning, didn't have the chance to plant sweet kisses on her cheeks and wish her a great day ahead

After work, daddy sent me to Secret Recipe to buy a cake for the Queen of our house It was raining so the traffic was bad also. Since mommy didn't cook, we had our dinner before we went home.

It was around 9.30pm already when we reached home. Rest for awhile, I asked my sis to switch her Skype on and we sang birthday song together~ ( Forgot to take pictures! fml)

Not long after that, my uncle came and everyone started to surround my laptop to chat with my sis O.o My cousins were cute! Especially the youngest cousin brother  Gosh it made me feel so old =x

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

And so she left...

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Finally we have to face it. I have already played the scenes in my mind for thousands of times and thought I wouldn't cry. (Now you know why I suddenly became so hardworking in updating my blog. I just couldn't stand facing the fact that she's leaving real soon that I have to find something to do to occupy my free time.)

On the very first day I went to school, she wanted to follow me when I got up to the school bus. Today, I wanted to follow her when she checked in to the boarding hall.

My throat is as if stuffed with cotton. I cried like shit. No that's in my mind. I'm not going to cry in front of everyone.

Bro distracted himself by playing Angry Birds in the Galaxy Tab. Sis distracted herself by being hyperactive and kept talking to daddy. But whatever I do I felt like I'm going to burst into tears. No I'm not going to let that happened. (Here I would like to stress the importance of siblings in building one's self esteem again. I cried watching a touching drama when I was young and everyone laughed at me. I hardly cried in front of anyone EVER SINCE.) So I just kept quiet. The whole car went quiet. Only One Fm's DJ's voice and songs accompanied us throughout the journey home from LCCT.

I really hope to hear from you real soon, my be♥ed dearest sis.

Bon voyage,
Your be♥ed eldest sis.
With blessings from the whole family and your friends.
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Laughter's the Best Medicine

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How long have you not laugh hysterically already? How long have you not laugh freely when you encounter something funny, but just a small laugh and that's it?

I laughed a lot with my family members. We laugh at each other's mistakes, teasing each other, make fun of each other.

Just a moment ago I watched a video clip in Facebook about cute puppies. Then I don't know how I linked, I ended up watching babies laughing videos.

Their laugh are so contagious! I just couldn't stop laughing as well listening to their hysterical laugh for just a "boo" or by ripping papers.

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朋友写了一篇关于知足或要求的文章,让我不自禁想到之前看过的一篇蛮有意思的文章 - 俗话说,俗话又说

在中学读了五年的名句精华,本来还沾沾自喜的感觉肚子很有墨水,但是看了这些我们中华民族创造出来的俗话,我真的 囧 感觉就好像在自打嘴巴。

1. 俗话说:兔子不吃窝边草;可俗话又说:近水楼台先得月!
2. 俗话说:宰相肚里能撑船;可俗话又说:有仇不报非君子!
3. 俗话说:人不犯我,我不犯人;可俗话又说:先下手为强,后下手遭殃!
4. 俗话说:男子汉大丈夫,宁死不屈;可俗话又说:男子汉大丈夫,能屈能伸!
5. 俗话说:打狗还得看主人;可俗话又说:杀鸡给猴看!
6. 俗话说:知无不言,言无不尽;可俗话又说:交浅勿言深,沉默是金!
7. 俗话说:车到山前必有路;可俗话又说:不撞南墙不回头!
8. 俗话说:条条大路通罗马;可俗话又说:一条道走到黑!
9. 俗话说:礼轻情谊重;可俗话又说:礼多人不怪!
10. 俗话说:人多力量大;可俗话又说:人多嘴杂!

11. 俗话说:买卖不成仁义在;可俗话又说:亲兄弟,明算帐!
12. 俗话说:一个好汉三个帮;可俗话又说:靠人不如靠己!
13. 俗话说:人往高处走;可俗话又说:爬得高,摔得重!
14. 俗话说:一口唾沫一个钉;可俗话又说:人嘴两张皮,咋说咋有理!
15. 俗话说:知识要有产权;俗话又说:不分享心里不安!
16. 俗话说:亡羊补牢,未为迟也;可俗话又说:亡羊补牢,为时已晚!
17. 俗话说:瘦死的骆驼比马大;可俗话又说:拔了毛的凤凰不如鸡!
18. 俗话说:宁可玉碎,不能瓦全;可俗话又说:留得青山在,不怕没柴烧!
19. 俗话说:人不可貌相,海水不可斗量;可俗话又说:人靠衣裳马靠鞍!
20. 俗话说:浪子回头金不换;可俗话又说:狗改不了吃屎!

21. 俗话说:苦海无边,回头是岸;可俗话又说:开弓没有回头箭!
22. 俗话说:退一步海阔天空;可俗话又说:狭路相逢勇者胜!
23. 俗话说:三百六十行,行行出状元;可俗话又说:万般皆下品,唯有读书高!
24. 俗话说:书到用时方恨少;可俗话又说:百无一用是书生!
25. 俗话说:金钱不是万能的;可俗话又说:有钱能使鬼推磨!
26. 俗话说:天无绝人之路;可俗话又说:天网恢恢,疏而不漏!
27. 俗话说:出淤泥而不染;可俗话又说:近朱者赤,近墨者黑!
28. 俗话说:捉贼捉赃,捉奸捉双;可俗话又说:欲加之罪,何患无辞!
29. 俗话说:贫贱不能移!可俗话又说:人贫志短,马瘦毛长!
30. 俗话说:青取之于蓝而胜于蓝;可俗话又说:姜还是老的辣!

31. 俗话说:后生可畏;可俗话又说:嘴上无毛、办事不牢!
32. 俗话说:有缘千里来相会;可俗话又说:不是冤家不聚头!
33. 俗话说:在天愿作比翼鸟,在地愿为连理枝;可俗话又说:夫妻本是同林鸟,大难来时各自飞!
34. 俗话说:得饶人处且饶人;可俗话又说:纵虎归山,后患无穷!
35. 俗话说:善有善报,恶有恶报;话又说:人善被人欺,马善被人骑!
36. 俗话说:一分耕耘、一分收获;可俗话又说:人无横财不富、马无夜草不肥!
37. 俗话说:小心驶得万年船;可俗话又说:撑死胆大的,饿死胆小的!
38. 俗话说:量小非君子;可俗话又说:无毒不丈夫!
39. 俗话说:一寸光阴一寸金;可俗话又说:寸金难买寸光阴!
40. 俗话说:日久见人心;可俗话又说:人心隔肚皮!

41. 俗话说:光阴似箭;可俗话又说:度日如年!
42. 俗话说:己所不欲,勿施于人;可俗话又说:顺我者昌,逆我者亡!
43. 俗话说:邪不压正;可俗话又说:道高一尺,魔高一丈!
44. 俗话说:小不忍则乱大谋;可俗话又说:不蒸馒头蒸(争)口气!
45. 俗话说:人人为我,我为人人;可俗话又说:人不为己,天诛地灭!
46. 俗话说:不怕人不敬,就怕己不正;可俗话又说:众口烁金,积毁销骨!
47. 俗话说:三个臭皮匠,胜过诸葛亮;可俗话又说:一个和尚挑水喝,两个和尚抬水喝,三个和尚没水喝!
48. 俗话说:不入虎穴,焉得虎子;可俗话又说:老虎屁股摸不得!
49. 俗话说:百事孝为先;可俗话又说:忠孝不能两全!
50. 俗话说:人无远虑,必有近忧;可俗话又说:今朝有酒今朝醉!

51. 俗话说:家事国事天下事,事事关心;可俗话又说:老婆孩子热炕头!
52. 俗话说:人定胜天;可俗话又说:天意难违!
53. 俗话说:愚公移山;可俗话又说:胳膊拧不过大腿!
54. 俗话说:哪里跌倒哪里爬起;可俗话又说:一失足成千古恨!
55. 俗话说:路不平有人铲,事不平有人管;可俗话又说:自家扫取门前雪,莫管他人屋上霜!
56. 俗话说:滴水之恩当涌泉相报!可俗话又说:过河拆桥、卸磨杀驴、兔死狗烹、鸟尽弓藏!
57. 俗话说:双喜临门;可俗话又说:福无双进,祸不单行!
58. 俗话说:人挪活,树挪死;可俗话又说:滚石不生苔,转业不生财!
59. 俗话说:嫁鸡随鸡,嫁狗随狗;可俗话又说:男怕选错行,女怕嫁错郎!
60. 俗话说:明人不做暗事;可俗话又说:兵不厌诈!



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Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Day To Remember

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I don't really care about politics. Not even really care to know even I have to study it in Pengajian Am last time in Form 6. (Now came to think of it no wonder I didn't get A for that subject x_x)

Then one day, I got to know about some Tourism Minister used RM1.8million to create a free fan page! I went like wth?!

Then I started to see this BERSIH thingy appeared on my Facebook most recent news and I started to concern about it. Plus Ah Ba showed me a political blog (which I finished in no time) and found how unwell these people govern our country. I started to think it's time for us to get up and have a better government to rule our country and BERSIH came just right in time and I hope it goes well (although I know it will definitely cause chaos).

Today is the rally. I was wearing yellow singlet and just stay at home (our TNC warned us to not join the rally and I shall just support the protest silently at home. Oh wait. I was just COINCIDENTLY wearing a yellow singlet. ) I wanted to paint my nails in yellow color as well but I couldn't find where my sis kept her nail polish ^^" so I just put that thought aside.

I watched a video in Facebook interviewing a minister asking this question:"If your country is democratic, why is the protest illegal?" And the minister answered something else. He thought that our country is democratic because we have election every 5 years and this protest is not necessary so it is considered illegal. So what if he won the election? Does that mean he can rule the country well? If he's not, the people have to wait for another 5 years to change our ruler? IZZIT?! So whatever we protest we cannot protest about this la?!

I also read about some youngsters complaining about the rally which ruined their weekend. It's okie if they don't care about politics. It's okie if they don't register as voters. BUT it's not okie to be ignorant to know that this rally is about saving our country from some prodigal! Here's an article I would like to share with you but I'm so sorry it's in Chinese. Perhaps you can get someone to translate for you.

I'm not sure whether BERSIH is successful or not but I hope it is the former one.
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I Gained Weight O.O

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Yesternight my sis asked me to weigh myself. I was the second lightest among my family members (my bro is the lightest ) but I knew I must've gained some weight so I was quite worried also.

At first, I thought I will be like 1 or 2kg heavier but when I stood on the weigher - I was "wtf?!" It was closed to 5kg!!!!! I tried weighing it for the second time and it's still the same O.O (FML)

I was so emotionally unstable basically I ranted about it everywhere posting "WTF I CAME BACK FOR JUST A MONTH AND I GAINED 5KG?!" (ahaha ^^") and then something embarrassing yet funny happened (FML).

Anyway. How the hell I gained 5 freaking kgs in just a month?! I must've been eating like pig! Yet friends complimented that I'm slimmer! (Oh wait that was like a couple of weeks ago... But still, how can I gain 5kg in 2 weeks time?! O.o) And I just threw up and had diarrhoea few days ago!

I just couldn't accept it. No way. What's wrong with me? Cai Yi said I have to try weighing in the morning. After I go to toilet. And so I did. But still it was zero point don't-know-how-many kg difference only.

Now I have to practice saying NO to my favourite fattening food.
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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Change or No Change?

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Previous few days after I'm back home, I would definitely edit the code for my plurk layout. It's all started from Ah Di (ps: That display picture is definitely not her so don't be confused) who made me wanted to change mine :p So I downloaded a template "Rainbow Town" as my plurk layout.

After that, I wanted to change the cursor into something cute and match, so I put in the Unicorn Cursor. This is Ah Di's response. And then Ah Di changed her plurk layout design again, this time her statuses will fall from the top when you scroll the timeline! Looks cool~ So I downloaded the same template she use, copy down the codes and cut the relevant code snippet and paste it into my own plurk template design.

FUH! I'm getting better in reading codes =p But too bad I just can't write. Sigh.

After I'm done with my plurk template design, I changed my windows cursor set to Domo-kun. =p I even changed the desktop wallpaper to Domo-kun to match with the cursor. xD Now I'm thinking whether to change my blog template design to Domo-kun as well. It won't be the usual easy-to-use blogger template but it's the blogskin template created by amateurs. I'll need some time to modify the code for personalization.

Choice list:
1. World of Domokun! ^-^
2. Domokun will be loved
3. Domokun! Everone's fav ((:
4. Domo :D
5. Domokun(!) Love. ♥
6. Domo Crazee Time

Jann said my current blog template design is good enough already. What say you?
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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Not Feeling Well

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Daddy and mommy purposely went back to popo's house in Ipoh to collect the durians (But I heard there's another main reason) Anyway, we had durian feast for the next two days.

I'm not sure whether I had over intake of durians and made me heaty or I ate something dirty during yesterday's lunch, I started to not feeling well after yesterday's lunch. I thought it was my menstrual pain because of cold environment (the aircond was switched on for too long) but it doesn't seem to be that way.

After I was back home, daddy mommy and sissies went out while my brother was playing computer games, so no one knew I threw up. Daddy somemore said I pretend to have fallen sick I didn't even have the appetite to have dinner. I tried to check my body temperature on my forehead, I saw 38.5°C if not mistaken...

This morning I woke up at 3.30am because of not feeling well, I forced myself to go back to sleep. I didn't know this morning had roadblock, it's really surprised me when I reached office as early as 7.45am without traffic jam. Somemore we seems to be a lil late.

I threw up again this morning, not long after I reached office. Ew! My digesting system seemed not to functioning well after the over intake of durians... Luckily I didn't throw up after that, but I still have intermittent abdominal pain and unwellness in trachea. ='(

This Saturday is the Bersih rally, it must be a havoc by then so my tutorial is postponed to the next Saturday again...
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Friday, 1 July 2011

Today Is My Holiday~

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My superior went to Thailand to provide training on Wednesday night. Since the person whom I reported to is not around, boss said there's no point I stay in the office so he gave me a day off ^_^

Jann wanted to create a blog to record her internship life in Taiwan, also act as her log of activities, so I've been 'assigned' to help her in choosing the template and edit (more to personalize) the blog code.
(Lemme learn all the programming skills. I can be freelance blog template designer! Muahahaha...)

At first I wanted to have lunch with Ieki (Ieki! I'm still remember the yam cha no worries!) but tomorrow is my first day of tuition! Mm. What does it have to do with my yam cha leh? Coz my friend who's going to give me tuition is a guy, and the place he set is in IOI mall. My mom got tensed up when I said I'm going to IOI mall for tuition (It does sounds a bit... Nonsense. LOL). And why IOI mall? Because we don't know where is MPSJ Puchong. Ahaha. Since he's more convenient in Puchong area, so just follow him lo. Takkan he has to coordinate after offering to give tuition meh. Right? So since my mom doesn't look happy to let me tuition in a mall, I better not going out today. =p Sorry la Ieki~

This Wednesday daddy bought a new touch-screen phone Nokia C5 for mommy as birthday present. With GPS installed. Mommy didn't know how to use, so she gave it to me ahaha
Coz she saw I didn't use the slide of my phone and she just can't stand it - A slide phone but cannot slide?

Today I'll just sit back and enjoy my holiday ♥
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