Thursday, 7 July 2011

Change or No Change?

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 21:13
Previous few days after I'm back home, I would definitely edit the code for my plurk layout. It's all started from Ah Di (ps: That display picture is definitely not her so don't be confused) who made me wanted to change mine :p So I downloaded a template "Rainbow Town" as my plurk layout.

After that, I wanted to change the cursor into something cute and match, so I put in the Unicorn Cursor. This is Ah Di's response. And then Ah Di changed her plurk layout design again, this time her statuses will fall from the top when you scroll the timeline! Looks cool~ So I downloaded the same template she use, copy down the codes and cut the relevant code snippet and paste it into my own plurk template design.

FUH! I'm getting better in reading codes =p But too bad I just can't write. Sigh.

After I'm done with my plurk template design, I changed my windows cursor set to Domo-kun. =p I even changed the desktop wallpaper to Domo-kun to match with the cursor. xD Now I'm thinking whether to change my blog template design to Domo-kun as well. It won't be the usual easy-to-use blogger template but it's the blogskin template created by amateurs. I'll need some time to modify the code for personalization.

Choice list:
1. World of Domokun! ^-^
2. Domokun will be loved
3. Domokun! Everone's fav ((:
4. Domo :D
5. Domokun(!) Love. ♥
6. Domo Crazee Time

Jann said my current blog template design is good enough already. What say you?
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2 scream(s):

Ivy K. said...

None of the above. Agree with Jann. :)

Debbie K. 欣薇 said...

Really? :D Okie then, I can save my time :p

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