Saturday, 9 July 2011

I Gained Weight O.O

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 10:47
Yesternight my sis asked me to weigh myself. I was the second lightest among my family members (my bro is the lightest ) but I knew I must've gained some weight so I was quite worried also.

At first, I thought I will be like 1 or 2kg heavier but when I stood on the weigher - I was "wtf?!" It was closed to 5kg!!!!! I tried weighing it for the second time and it's still the same O.O (FML)

I was so emotionally unstable basically I ranted about it everywhere posting "WTF I CAME BACK FOR JUST A MONTH AND I GAINED 5KG?!" (ahaha ^^") and then something embarrassing yet funny happened (FML).

Anyway. How the hell I gained 5 freaking kgs in just a month?! I must've been eating like pig! Yet friends complimented that I'm slimmer! (Oh wait that was like a couple of weeks ago... But still, how can I gain 5kg in 2 weeks time?! O.o) And I just threw up and had diarrhoea few days ago!

I just couldn't accept it. No way. What's wrong with me? Cai Yi said I have to try weighing in the morning. After I go to toilet. And so I did. But still it was zero point don't-know-how-many kg difference only.

Now I have to practice saying NO to my favourite fattening food.
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