Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Life is Boring :'(

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This afternoon my superior finally came and fulfil his promise (which he made approximately one month ago) - treat me Japanese food!
Actually my boss had already treated me once because he ffk me that time coz boss said since he already promised me so boss treated me first lorh  (But the lunch boss treated me is much yummier than the one I just had this afternoon lah IDK why they don't have sashimi ahaha)

Anyway that's not the main point. During the lunch session of course will have some small chat. So for the first 10 mins while we made our order and waiting for our food he explained to me about my current task. And I was quietly listening to his explanation.

Then he decided to drop the work-related topic when our food is ready. So he asked me what do I usually do at home. I have a deep thought, and replied with "online". Hm. Seriously, that's what I do to pass my free time when I don't have to go for work.

Alright. Then he asked again, how's my past. I went silent for like, 5 minutes ! Now I came to think of it, I didn't experience anything special during my past ...

Then, to make me say something, he gave his last try and asked what I'm into, ie. any songs or hobbies or whatever and I was like, complete silent again coz I couldn't come up with a favourite song, nor a favourite singer, nor a favourite game (I'm so not into games/movies/dramas nowadays!) and etc etc etc!

So the conclusion is I was a complete mute during the whole lunch session (probably just came up with some mm's, ohh's and ahh's to show I'm listening to what he's talking about... It's just like someone with speech disorder) and my superior did all the talking.

Then I become so down because I found that I might have accidentally travelled in time and skipped my teenage and adulthood and already reached my old age I have nothing about myself to talk about! My life is so boring 

End Note:
That bothers me for the rest of my day. Coz you know, there still are chances that people asked me the same questions so I have to think through it.

I do hang out with friends. Just that most of the time we couldn't find the right time to gather that's why I didn't go out. And I don't go out at night. Yea I'm a good gurl, thankkiu bearie mushy. I couldn't say that I shop, could I? If you followed my blog/plurk/facebook, you'll find that I don't shop that often. And please someone ajak me for movie. I'm so dying to go for a movie. =(

I checked with my sister and I found that she didn't know who was Amy Winehouse as well (I thought it was some winehouse which sells wine when my superior mentioned it ) What my sis knew was only the news that Amy died. And maybe I listen to Chinese radio station every morning and evening in the car that's why I know Mandarin songs more than English songs.

I do play games. But I get bored very fast. Hm, I'm so hard to be pleased huh.

Well, it seems like I'm still an earthling huh (Not some alien from another planet) An extraordinary abnormal earthling. 
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MichelleJann said...

Hahaha~ Hey girl, what's your hobbie? =p Btw, do you know what's my hobbie? I'm just too curious~

Debbie K. 欣薇 said...

LOL I know one of it is to play with Kiky boy =p

MichelleJann said...

My dear, how could you don't know my hobbies? I have known you for more than 10 years!
So do you know what are Kuan and Yin's hobbies?

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