Friday, 29 July 2011

My Off Day

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My boss has been so kind to me he gave me a day off today (and keep asking me to go shopping ahaha... As if I'm not contributing much enough for the country's economy xD) So in order to make my life "not so boring" I decided put good use on this day by meeting up with my ex colleagues (and also hunt for daddy's birthday present with my youngest sis).

And the difference of my size compared to the last time they saw me (the last time I visited them was during CNY) has obviously shocked them They said I kembung like a balloon! I felt so eff-ed up with my physical body lah *sob* *sob* Anyway I'm glad to see Karyin and Aunty Lilian still in good condition :-)

I then had lunch with Ieki and Aunty (Too bad Karyin cannot join us) in Pavilion. Everytime I meet Ieki she'll definitely pass me all the stamps she collected! That's so kind of her We were also very lucky to meet the opening of Tokyo Street in Pavilion! Aiks I forgot to take pictures... I thought I could snap some coz I intended to show my sis the place but her stupid teenage rebellion ruined the day . I'll explain what happen later. Anyway you still can google it right?

After lunch they had to go back to work so I waited for my mom to fetch my sis and meet me up in Pavilion. IDK what took them so long I waited for more than an hour for them I passed by so many ice cream stalls while walking around to pass the time luckily the line "kembung like balloon" kept playing in my head that kept me away from getting myself one...

And of course hanging around with mommy definitely will have the chance to go shopping! Haha she bought us a pair of shoes each (tell boss: I shopped leh! You satisfied already? Just kidding.) Then my sis showed me to the shop where she wanted to have that thing as daddy's birthday present. And just because I wasn't agree with it so she threw tantrum on me ! I don't want to argue with her so I just put the blame on her teenage rebellion. (Erjie I wished you were here ) Ended up we didn't get anything for daddy.

Anyhow because we're born in the same family so she 'befriended' me again after a short time ahaha. Aih I really don't know how to deal with her lah, she and my brother made me so headache. I wasn't this bad during my teenage phase, was I? (NOOOOO! I'm still young I'M still young I'M STILL young I'M-STILL-YOUNG!!! *self-hypnotizing*)

Oh btw I met a schoolmate in my mom's office! She's from MBSSKL as well, studied in the same class with Yin (Not strange if I don't know what's her name, right? We're not even thaaat close) *Sighs* She's so slim and so pretty leh wahh I'm so so down again lo
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