Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sis's Singing Competition

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Today I had to cancel my tutorial because of sis's singing competition. Not that I wanted to complain, but my sifu is also not available so the tuition is being called off. (He has outing tomorrow so the tutorial will be postponed to next Saturday again... Aih.)

We woke up quite early this morning at around 7am and reach at around 8am. Sis joined her friend while I walked around Petaling Street with my mom. Most of the shops weren't open yet.

Anyhow we managed to "waste" our time till around 9.30am and then we entered the school hall And chiang chiang chiang chiang! Here I present you the video clip of my sis's singing:

This video is converted from MOV file to AVI file using a trial version converter downloaded from so they put the watermark there (didn't know it will be that big and at the center somemore ==")

My sis is the one wearing red horizontal strips singlet with white top ^^ Her partner sang the first line wrongly... ==" Luckily the panel of juries didn't criticize about that =p

Sis told me her friends said her sis is pretty leh Hehe~ Thankkiu berry mushy!

Alright back to the topic. They had the voting session too! But I don't think they count the votes ==" coz they announced the winner quite fast. Anyhow, my sis got the second place for the competition!

After the competition is ended, mommy brought us to McD in Sungei Wang to have our lunch. I was so given up with my weight so I ordered GCB with McShakers (fml). I didn't really want to eat ice cream also, but I don't know why I just keep asking my sis whether she wants to eat or not coz if she does then I'll get one for myself as well wtf And after our lunch we went to shop around. Mom bought sis a pair of high heel shoes (as a reward for winning a second prize in her singing competition xD) and of course I can have new shoes too ^_^ It's sales everywhere we can get RM20 for a pair of very nice high heel shoes!

p/s: I shouldn't have add my superior in my msn.
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