Friday, 1 July 2011

Today Is My Holiday~

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My superior went to Thailand to provide training on Wednesday night. Since the person whom I reported to is not around, boss said there's no point I stay in the office so he gave me a day off ^_^

Jann wanted to create a blog to record her internship life in Taiwan, also act as her log of activities, so I've been 'assigned' to help her in choosing the template and edit (more to personalize) the blog code.
(Lemme learn all the programming skills. I can be freelance blog template designer! Muahahaha...)

At first I wanted to have lunch with Ieki (Ieki! I'm still remember the yam cha no worries!) but tomorrow is my first day of tuition! Mm. What does it have to do with my yam cha leh? Coz my friend who's going to give me tuition is a guy, and the place he set is in IOI mall. My mom got tensed up when I said I'm going to IOI mall for tuition (It does sounds a bit... Nonsense. LOL). And why IOI mall? Because we don't know where is MPSJ Puchong. Ahaha. Since he's more convenient in Puchong area, so just follow him lo. Takkan he has to coordinate after offering to give tuition meh. Right? So since my mom doesn't look happy to let me tuition in a mall, I better not going out today. =p Sorry la Ieki~

This Wednesday daddy bought a new touch-screen phone Nokia C5 for mommy as birthday present. With GPS installed. Mommy didn't know how to use, so she gave it to me ahaha
Coz she saw I didn't use the slide of my phone and she just can't stand it - A slide phone but cannot slide?

Today I'll just sit back and enjoy my holiday ♥
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Cinderella said...

LoL~too bad~so when only wanna see me ah? ♥

Debbie K. 欣薇 said...

Will find time! I won't forget so no worries ngek... That time ajak mai aunty wor

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