Sunday, 28 August 2011


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Geez not long I'm back I have to leave again. I guess I'll have to put the Port Dickson post together with the visit to Popo's house liao, coz the photos and videos are still not uploaded yet...

Say hello to goodbye!
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Friday, 26 August 2011

I'm back! =D

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Hey friends, I'm back from Port Dickson and can online for 16hours a day again! Happy anot? LOL

Mami kept nagging me to wash the clothes first so I'll update the trip some time later, okie? Somemore I need to get the photos from the program page itself ahaha. I can't take photos during the program right? :p

Okie ciao!

p/s: Chilaka the 'T' on my keyboard is so difficult to press... What's underneath the 'T' key?
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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Windows Live Messenger

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I was using Windows Live Messenger(WLM) 2011, but because it's linked to the Windows Live Mail I can't change my display name the way I like. Also because it's quite annoyed to see other friends online with the formatting codes in their display name, so I've always wanted to change my version of WLM to 2009 but I'm afraid my machine doesn't allow it to (coz some of the machine will not allow the installation of software in older version if there's a latest version available in the machine).

This morning I tried uninstall my WLM 2011 and install the 2009 version, and it went smoothly! :D I was so happy until I IM my sis - The font displayed turn out to be simsun :(

I've already tried using TrueType font type ie Arial and Calibri, but no matter what font type I set, the display font is forever SIMSUN! Grrr!!! I felt so annoyed when I choose the font I desired but it doesn't display the true font type!

Then I was so give up I decided to use back the latest version. However, I couldn't find the installed WLM in Programs and Features!  Eff! Now I'm stuck and is forced to use this old version of WLM with the annoying font type liao. Padan muka loh! ><


Update: The font displayed is back to normal after I changed it to Baltic Script instead of Western Script  Yippie~
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Friday, 19 August 2011

End of August

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I can't believe, my semester break is going to end so soon! That's roughly 4 months babe! (Feeling complicated, not knowing whether I should be happy or sad...)

What's more exciting, my so-called intern job is going to end after the following 2 working days! Wahh this kind of boss where to find?!

Nah it's not I purposely take advantage on my boss lah, but because of this program Jann asked me to go with her which is held by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and the Multicultural Ladies Association namely Life Improvement Program at 24th to 26th this month. You see, 31st is National Day, 30th is Raya holiday, so boss let me have an off day on 29th... Then here comes this program, so my leave had to be earlier loh. (I don't know whether does it help but anyhow thanks to ahdi who taught me how to draft that email to ask for early leave =p)

At first I was undecided whether to go or not, as I don't really like to listen to talks. Plus Yin and Kuan weren't sure whether they'll go or not. And I'm not sure whether my boss will let me leave earlier coz he has already let me off on 29th. And going to Port Dickson for 3 days 2 night! Don't know mommy will let me go or not. But whenever I think that my memories about my holiday will be all about WORK it horrors me a lot so I finally decided to register.

And now! I'm registered and I can have early leave and my parents let me go! (Too bad Yin and Kuan aren't going aih) Woohoo~!

Okie that's enough. Actually I'm not doing nothing in this holiday also ma. I watched movies :D Other than the 3 movies I watched in cinema (Pirates of the Caribbean, Kung Fu Panda and It's A Great Great World) I also watched Insidious (CD), Farewell My Concubine (霸王别姬, PPS) and Bodyguards and Assassins (十月围城, downloaded).

I remember very much that before my sis Ivy went to Aussie, I was watching the Final Destination 5 trailer and I told her I wanted to watch the movie. Then her bf Jackie said:"Final Destination not horrible one lah, you just watch people die in different way. If wanna watch then watch Insidious this kind of horror movie." That time I was "wahh, Jackie said Final Destination is not as horrible as Insidious?" so I was very eager to watch it. Then hor one day after Ivy went to Aussie, mommy went to shopping she bought the CD so my sis Lily and my bro watch it with me. It was so disappointing you know! It was so cheh! Not horrible AT ALL!!! JACKIE YOU OWE ME FOR GIVING ME WRONG INFO ON THAT!!!

Then after the Amy Winehouse incident my superior suggested me to watch Farewell My Concubine and Bodyguards And Assassins. Bodyguards and Assassins was in my harddisk for quite long already actually. Last time when I first watched it, I only watched the first quarter coz it has so many fighting and killing scenes I felt so cruel so I stopped. This time after watching it, I remember ahjie also watched it long time ago in the cinema and had wrote about her opinion about it. My opinion is the people are so pitiful as they all have to die for Sun Yat Sen, and the cruelty of the movie can be rated as horror movie already but when I read ahjie's post - fuh! How can it turned out to be so funny?!

Alright. Who wants to go for movie with me next? I haven't watch Harry Potter 7 Part II yet!

Hm. Mommy said they've planned to pay Popo (grandma) a visit during Raya holiday. So that means other than movie and hangouts and a seminar, I still get to visit my grandparents

Fuh my end of month is so busy with activities!

Waving hello to September! ♥
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Monday, 15 August 2011

It's A Great Great World

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Today is my off day again! Ngek ngek... My sis asked me to go for a movie with her since I only watched 2 movies during this sem break, and that was two months ago somemore (Wahh I ♥ her so much ) However, she still has to go to school till 1.30pm and we have to follow mommy back at 5pm so the movie we choose have to be within this time range. And following is the only movie that fits into the time range
so we just watch it lorh.

And then hor I only realize KL is so sien. Everytime I hang out with people we only go Pavilion, Times Square and Mid Valley. Minus Mid Valley that can only be reached by useless public transport KTM, I go Pavilion and Times Square most of the time.  Sunway Pyramid also hardly I go. Even this movie also we watched in Pavilion.

Then it's the clothes that I have to headache about. Weird that I don't know where I keep the dress I wanted to wear (will it be the 'ghost-covering-eyes' trick? It's the ghost festival. ) so I grabbed my sis's instead =p

Considering the transportation problem, I stayed in mommy's office in the morning to wait till my sis finishes her class.

The dress belongs to my sis.
And wearing the same shoes I wore last Saturday. Didn't take the lesson. :s

I actually took 3 pictures, but I looked so 'swollen up' this is the only one I can show without any edits :S I have to say that the shoes are my limit (heels about 3 1/2 inch) I only support my body with my forefeet and my feet are almost parallel with my legs already.

When we collect the movie tickets, I can see that we're the first two audiences in the cinema hall. My sis was so excited she thought it's cool to watch a movie in an empty cinema hall, as if we booked the whole hall for ourselves only and was half wishing that no one will buy ticket for that movie at the same time. So I scared her by telling her that it's still the 'ghost season' and we might watch the movie with 'good brothers' And that really does the trick =p Hahaha...

That movie actually quite okie for me but I'm not going to say anything here if you want to know you can go watch by yourself. I guess their poster isn't attractive enough so not many people wanted to watch it.

Fuh that's all for today I have to rest my feet already, the walking I did today gave me blisters on my forefeet :'(
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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Thanks to Malaysia's Public Transport! >:(

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As promised last week, I'm suppose to update a post about Jann and me happily hang out with a Form 6 friend, Darmila, as we haven't meet each other for 2 and a half years. Jann and me even discussed where to go and we planned to eat Korean food at Korea Qing Zhou in Mid Valley today. Unfortunately Darmila is commencing her new sem and she's busy preparing so she ffk us :-(

Since we had planned to go try Korean food in Mid Valley and my mom has agreed to let me go for the gathering, plus Yin and Kuan weren't available last Saturday so I decided to ask both of them out :D (Also because I have chose what to wear since last Saturday coz I don't like to choose my outfit last minute. I could be messed up. And hor no matter what Jann wear I also think she's very pretty. So even though I can't make myself prettier than her, I can't make myself looks ugly standing beside her as well.)

I know we're going to take KTM coz it's the only way for us whom do not possess a car to go Mid Valley and save the trouble finding an available parking lot. So I felt wanted to change my outfit. But Cai Yi asked me to wear sexy a bit (As quoted from EC, if we don't wear sexy now, takkan want to sexy after we're old meh?) so I stick to my original decision.

Black tube with purple vest and short skirt.
Couldn't show the whole body as my sis had taken the camera to school and I'm not good in taking picture by myself x_x

My new shoes!
Coz Jann will wear high heels, I know. I just don't want to be the shortest among my friends :p

I went to Jann's house first coz she wanted to take Vampire Diaries season 2. She gave me the souvenir from Taiwan ♥

Confession Chocolate (告白巧克力):
不能没有你 (Can't Live without You)

Panda ♥

So four of us met up in KTM station at 11am. I don't know what happened today the train didn't come as frequent, and the couches're all crowded (Kuan told me her sis said the train was delayed in Rawang). We waited for one and a half hour, missed one train, then only Jann and me managed to get up the next train. It was so crowded I was nearly 'buried' in the people and pushed inside further. I grabbed Jann's hand so she can squeeze into the couch also, but a man standing right at the door stopped more people (and that included Yin and Kuan) from getting into the couch after Jann gets in it  As I couldn't move so Jann and I went to Mid Valley without Yin and Kuan.

On the way to Mid Valley, I heard a foreign lady said this to her boyfriend:"I'll never take this ever again." Walao eh. So embarrassing! What does the minister do?! The condition is so bad and is never improved! ('Chilaka' nonstop ><)

The journey to Mid Valley took half an hour only, but both Jann and I already sweat like we had a bath. Jann guessed that the people might have their paycheck already so they went to shop. It was so crowded even at the ticketing machine! I called Kuan and asked what are they going to do, she said they'll go The Mines instead of coming to Mid Valley coz they might need to wait for another hour for the next train AND they might not be able to get into the train too. And now a 4-person hangouts became a 2-person hangouts. T_T Jann started to miss Taiwan and keep saying how good and organized is their public transport, how discipline are the people, etc etc etc compared to Malaysia's.

We totally have no mood to do anything else already, so we decided to walk around in The Gardens and see what to have as our lunch. Oh before going to The Gardens, I managed to redeem this small bottle of eye cream (Treat from Clinique, event expired tomorrow):

We walked around and I saw SNO! Remember I went to Sunway Pyramid with my sis and missed trying the drink? This time I grabbed the opportunity and tried one of it. I chose green tea ice cream as base, add in Hershey's Kisses as blended flavour and marshmallows as toppings. Like that also costs me RM9 already. But it tastes good :D

After some walking, we walked back to Mid Valley and decided to have our lunch in Chilis.

At first we wanted to try their cocktail, but since we're already here, we tried their margarita instead :p

Chilis' Signature: Presidente Margarita

Since I don't eat beef and lamb, the choices are very few. This is what we have:
Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers

And here's the bill:
RM57.90 for one drink and one dish!

Actually already predicted lah coz it's all stated in the menu but takkan want to walk out after we're seated and already decided to have our lunch here meh. :S (Vomit blood. My lunch during working days also not so expensive T_T) At first we decided to share a dish in Chilis, then share another dish in Korea Qing Zhou, but we were so full plus it's already 2.30pm so we didn't try Korean food. We wanted to come back earlier as 5pm is the peak hour, so we just walked around window shopping and go to the station at 3pm.

Tragic enough, we waited for another hour for the train to come. And the people who waited for the train to leave is more and more. :S We managed to squeeze into the first train we waited but still we ended up sweat like we had a bath and were pushed like sardin in a can. ><

Jann's daddy sent me home and I'm so lucky to reach home before the rain pours. I was about to update this post when the power tripped and then I decided to have a good sleep and rest my feet coz the shoes I wore hurt my forefeet a lot, although it didn't give me blisters for a lot of walking today.

A pimple at my left nose alae is popping out because of the two round of sweating today. T_T

Four of us swear we'll never hang out during weekends anymore, if none of us is driving.
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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy ♥

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Today is daddy's birthday! I already asked my youngest sis to buy an ice cream cake from Baskin Robin for daddy (Ahem. Okie la. I admit I want to eat ice cream cake la. Satisfied? =p) Mommy bought some sparkling juice last weekend so we can have it after the cake cutting ceremony ^_^♥

As usual, I asked my sis to switch on her Skype to sing birthday song to daddy ♥

Mint-flavoured Baskin Robin Ice Cream Cake ♥

I was holding my laptop so my sis can see us through webcam, so I let my youngest sis to take photo... Who knows she was so indulge in the 'celebration' these are the only pictures she took ><

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2011/2012 Timetable

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Gracias to Pei Jie who is good enough to inform this news to us. Friends, timetable can be checked here aye.

For Year 3 E-Commerce students, the standard timetable should be as followed:

8am - 10am : IT00503 Data Structure (Podium B)
10.30am - 12.30pm : IE30303 Web Programming (Podium E)

8am - 10am : IE30103 Security and Payment in E-Commerce (Podium 1C)
2pm - 4pm : IE30503 Analysis and Design in E-Commerce (Podium E)

#8am - 10am : IP00803 Cyber Law (Tower 8C)
10.30am - 12.30pm : IT00903 Management Information System (Podium A)
#2pm - 4pm : IP00103 Creative Writing (Podium C)

# Elective, choose either one
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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hangout Day

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*Blow dust* Fuh! If I don't start doing something so I can update my blog, this place is gonna have thick dust and cobwebs...

This Wednesday my Form 6 friends had a gathering. I couldn't go because I have to work =( And the next gathering they have will be next Thursday. =( Ugh I think working is the only thing I could remember for all my holidays.  The problem is, these gatherings only takes up one or two days, then the rest of my holiday will be super boring if I don't look for a job! :S I can't stay at home and do house chores like Cai Yi loh, I hate house chores. Sigh that's a huge dilemma. Nevertheless, Jann asked me for an outing! Kuan's mom was busy while Yin went to Ipoh so they couldn't join us. Still, I have Cai Yi to join us! ^_^

My mom dropped Jann and me at the company I first worked for (opposite of Pavilion) so I can collect my testimonial before we walk in Pavilion. Not that I want to bad-mouth them la but I asked for my testimonial last week and the manager promised to give me today yet they didn't inform their subordinate about this matter before they left for business trip...

Anyway. Since Cai Yi is here in KL already and she's staying in Berjaya Times Square Hotel so I walked to Times Square to meet her - in high heel shoes!!! (I normally have no problem walking in high heel shoes but this pair of shoes I wore today had zippers at the back... So the zippers rubbed against my heels and hurt my legs. And then my heels got blister because of that =() But that's the nature of being a girl, wanted to stay pretty no matter how much it hurts.  Plus Cai Yi's aunty said we wore prettily. Worth all the pain la~ =p

Okie. So after we met up, we went to Gasoline to have our brunch. Honestly I won't go for a second visit coz their service is not up to our expectation. And the staff gave the wrong change EVEN with their receipt generated! Their employer will definitely loss profit if they do the same mistake often.


After that, we walked back to Pavilion to visit the Tokyo Street and we planned to try SnowFlakes too. Jann hasn't visit Tokyo Street before as she's still interning in Taiwan when it's opened and Cai Yi just came to KL for the second time so I brought them there to have a look. But the place is actually quite small so we finished looking around in no time =p

Here's the picture that I should have shown last week when I went there:
Tokyo Street

Jann and Me

Jann and Cai Yi

Cai Yi and Me

Jann and Me in Tokyo Street ^^

I'm so glad that Jann and Cai Yi can get along with each other so well! If I were to hang out with Jann and her coursemates, I'll definitely just stay quiet =x

After some walking, we're so tired we wanted to have a sit in SnowFlakes and try their food but probably it's lunch hour already so it was full house and the queue was sooo long =( Ended up we went to J.Co Donuts & Coffee to have a drink. Then only Cai Yi reminded me that Ah Di also came to KL today. When I called her, she said she's just passing by Pavilion and rushing home, but later on she sms-ed me that she's queueing up to get her SnowFlakes! So immediately we rushed up to SnowFlakes to meet her and had a small chat before we say goodbye and go home

Ah Di and Me
Jann: Finally Syn Wei can squat a lil' (instead of tip her toe) when she stands together with another person to take photo

Cai Yi and Ah Di

Cai Yi, Ah Di and Me

*** Pictures stolen with permission from Cai Yi and is all credited to her ***

When Jann and I were waiting at outside of Pavilion, I was expecting mommy to fetch me with her SLK... Who knows she came with daddy and he honked and shouted at me several times before I realized it He was so embarrassed he said the whole world staring at him don't know who was he honking and shouting at... Soreee ^^"

Alright I'm partially 'handicapped' now I have to go sit at somewhere to rest my feet and go nowhere. Next Saturday I'll meet up with Jann and another Form 6 friend! Hopefully my feet has recovered from the blisters so I can wear another pair of high heel shoes =p

Stay Tune!
Debbie ♥
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