Friday, 19 August 2011

End of August

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I can't believe, my semester break is going to end so soon! That's roughly 4 months babe! (Feeling complicated, not knowing whether I should be happy or sad...)

What's more exciting, my so-called intern job is going to end after the following 2 working days! Wahh this kind of boss where to find?!

Nah it's not I purposely take advantage on my boss lah, but because of this program Jann asked me to go with her which is held by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and the Multicultural Ladies Association namely Life Improvement Program at 24th to 26th this month. You see, 31st is National Day, 30th is Raya holiday, so boss let me have an off day on 29th... Then here comes this program, so my leave had to be earlier loh. (I don't know whether does it help but anyhow thanks to ahdi who taught me how to draft that email to ask for early leave =p)

At first I was undecided whether to go or not, as I don't really like to listen to talks. Plus Yin and Kuan weren't sure whether they'll go or not. And I'm not sure whether my boss will let me leave earlier coz he has already let me off on 29th. And going to Port Dickson for 3 days 2 night! Don't know mommy will let me go or not. But whenever I think that my memories about my holiday will be all about WORK it horrors me a lot so I finally decided to register.

And now! I'm registered and I can have early leave and my parents let me go! (Too bad Yin and Kuan aren't going aih) Woohoo~!

Okie that's enough. Actually I'm not doing nothing in this holiday also ma. I watched movies :D Other than the 3 movies I watched in cinema (Pirates of the Caribbean, Kung Fu Panda and It's A Great Great World) I also watched Insidious (CD), Farewell My Concubine (霸王别姬, PPS) and Bodyguards and Assassins (十月围城, downloaded).

I remember very much that before my sis Ivy went to Aussie, I was watching the Final Destination 5 trailer and I told her I wanted to watch the movie. Then her bf Jackie said:"Final Destination not horrible one lah, you just watch people die in different way. If wanna watch then watch Insidious this kind of horror movie." That time I was "wahh, Jackie said Final Destination is not as horrible as Insidious?" so I was very eager to watch it. Then hor one day after Ivy went to Aussie, mommy went to shopping she bought the CD so my sis Lily and my bro watch it with me. It was so disappointing you know! It was so cheh! Not horrible AT ALL!!! JACKIE YOU OWE ME FOR GIVING ME WRONG INFO ON THAT!!!

Then after the Amy Winehouse incident my superior suggested me to watch Farewell My Concubine and Bodyguards And Assassins. Bodyguards and Assassins was in my harddisk for quite long already actually. Last time when I first watched it, I only watched the first quarter coz it has so many fighting and killing scenes I felt so cruel so I stopped. This time after watching it, I remember ahjie also watched it long time ago in the cinema and had wrote about her opinion about it. My opinion is the people are so pitiful as they all have to die for Sun Yat Sen, and the cruelty of the movie can be rated as horror movie already but when I read ahjie's post - fuh! How can it turned out to be so funny?!

Alright. Who wants to go for movie with me next? I haven't watch Harry Potter 7 Part II yet!

Hm. Mommy said they've planned to pay Popo (grandma) a visit during Raya holiday. So that means other than movie and hangouts and a seminar, I still get to visit my grandparents

Fuh my end of month is so busy with activities!

Waving hello to September! ♥
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