Monday, 15 August 2011

It's A Great Great World

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Today is my off day again! Ngek ngek... My sis asked me to go for a movie with her since I only watched 2 movies during this sem break, and that was two months ago somemore (Wahh I ♥ her so much ) However, she still has to go to school till 1.30pm and we have to follow mommy back at 5pm so the movie we choose have to be within this time range. And following is the only movie that fits into the time range
so we just watch it lorh.

And then hor I only realize KL is so sien. Everytime I hang out with people we only go Pavilion, Times Square and Mid Valley. Minus Mid Valley that can only be reached by useless public transport KTM, I go Pavilion and Times Square most of the time.  Sunway Pyramid also hardly I go. Even this movie also we watched in Pavilion.

Then it's the clothes that I have to headache about. Weird that I don't know where I keep the dress I wanted to wear (will it be the 'ghost-covering-eyes' trick? It's the ghost festival. ) so I grabbed my sis's instead =p

Considering the transportation problem, I stayed in mommy's office in the morning to wait till my sis finishes her class.

The dress belongs to my sis.
And wearing the same shoes I wore last Saturday. Didn't take the lesson. :s

I actually took 3 pictures, but I looked so 'swollen up' this is the only one I can show without any edits :S I have to say that the shoes are my limit (heels about 3 1/2 inch) I only support my body with my forefeet and my feet are almost parallel with my legs already.

When we collect the movie tickets, I can see that we're the first two audiences in the cinema hall. My sis was so excited she thought it's cool to watch a movie in an empty cinema hall, as if we booked the whole hall for ourselves only and was half wishing that no one will buy ticket for that movie at the same time. So I scared her by telling her that it's still the 'ghost season' and we might watch the movie with 'good brothers' And that really does the trick =p Hahaha...

That movie actually quite okie for me but I'm not going to say anything here if you want to know you can go watch by yourself. I guess their poster isn't attractive enough so not many people wanted to watch it.

Fuh that's all for today I have to rest my feet already, the walking I did today gave me blisters on my forefeet :'(
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