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Life Improvement Program (24th-26th August)

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Alright I've already got the pics! So here's the update of the seminar/program I went. Be warned as this post is going to be very long coz I'm going to squeeze the 3 days activities into this small little space. :p

24th August 2011 (Wednesday)
I went to Jann's house at 7.30am. Actually I was suppose to reach earlier coz papa said the direction of her house is right opposite to the direction he goes to work, but all of us woke up late (It's already 'installed' in my nature alarm to wake up at 6.30am luckily, otherwise I guess all of us will be late for study/work). Then I continued to sleep with her till 11am ahaha... I had my breakfast (mixed fruit juice, blended with their skins! Full of fibre) and lunch with them before we depart to Port Dickson. ♥

We reached Hotel Seri Malaysia at around 4pm, but we couldn't check in yet coz the organizer weren't there. We waited for quite awhile then only we managed to check in. Our room was small.

I thought we can boil water in the room, but their kettle was so dirty! It was yellowish and the heating steel was rusty. EW. (We heard from one of the organizer that their kettle had a dead spider O.O)

Since dinner will only be served at 6pm, we went to have a walk at the beach right opposite of the hotel.

Lol... Jann was trying to pose like a baseball player haha... After the strolling on the beach, we tried to walk further down and saw a market. She bought some kuih and I bought a packet of sugar cane to drink while we walk back to the hotel. It seems like nothing much to walk around there. :(

I thought the light was suppose to be dimmed so I wore red contact lens :p
It wasn't obvious, right?

Jann had a friend from UM, Zhen Dong who went for the program too, that made us the only chinese participants there. He came and have a little chat with us (mostly asked for recommended place to go in Taiwan) and then only we went for dinner at 7.30pm. Geez we were late and all the food was finished! All that left were some soy sauce chicken with potato, some kuah, some fish and brinjal. (No offence, but the M's made themselves like hungry ghosts in Ramadhan month :S)

Then the program starts with the usual Ice Breaking. The group was so small one group had only 3 or 4 members. The organizer said some participants didn't turn up after they register. Hmph.

We were told to choose minimum 2 from 5 different flavours of candies, and then we were to introduce ourselves based on the colour picked. The second game we're given a piece of paper each, we have to look for the right person for the right description. Eg I'm single, I'll sign in the column "I'm single". The three fastest participants who got all the column signed will win a prize.


The last game was "Lost", which we had to think what item we can bring if we're allowed to during a shipwreck, and made a survival story from it.

Group Discussion. See how cunning Jann smiled? (3rd Pic)

The game ended at around 11pm.

25th August 2011 (Thursday)

3 of us woke up at 7am, went to the cafe at 8am and surprised to found that only a plate of fried rice is served on a table. How can they be so stingy even their customers are all Malays! No buffet like other hotels served! Hmph! The Executive Director, Ms Jane Bee (fuyoh we had breakfast with such high-rank people!) complained coz they don't have other choice of food served. After the breakfast, we had talks for the whole day.

1st talk by Dr Victor - Changing Your Mindset, Transforming Your Life.
The talk was basically how you shouldn't limit yourself even if you're from a poor family.

They let us have tea break in between talks. I skipped them coz I don't like to be eating all the time. Ugh.

2nd talk was from Mr Ng Thian Watt, Three Kingdoms: Strategy and Leadership Skills. This one I already knew coz I studied Three Kingdoms last sem for my Mandarin course. Lol... After this talk, we had a photo session and then lunch.
Can you spot me?

Then it's a talk from Dr Milton Lum, Youth and Health: True Health is Wealth. His talk was all about statistics, kinda boring. *yawn* The last talk was from Mr Ng again, with the topic Achieving Peak Performance Through People. He asked us separate into 2 groups, draw our own face with the hand we seldom use (which is the left for me) and exchange with the other group.We had to find the owner of the sketch, and get the answer for 2 questions: Why are you here? and Give at least 2 unforgettable memories. So lucky Jann got mine! Someone took hers before I can grab hers. Lol. (Cheat failed) He said those who got more than 2 unforgettable memories will be the unique one, but I think the one who provides more unforgettable memories are the unique one. Then he let us played another game, which was to make our finger long and turn our body to our maximum by just using our mindpower. In conclusion, he was trying to convey that if we believe we can do whatever we want. But I think, this believe is some kind very psychological coz you might have "make" your finger grow longer in some way because you believe.

After the talk, we still have an hour or so till dinner, so we asked the organizer where else to walk around, which led us to Port Dickson Jetty.

All are taken at the beach, except for the one in purple border, it's taken at the jetty.

We went back earlier coz we're afraid they'll finish the food like the day before. And our worries weren't unnecessary, coz the Malays DID take all the food they want to have and put on their tables waiting for buka puasa! We had to take our food and wait with them ==" (Walao I think it's so pointless coz the food is there and won't run away and we had to wait with them to show our respect!)

I think I caught a cold coz I was sweating after the walk and sat in an air-conditioned cafe.

26th August 2011 (Friday)
Jann and I woke up at 7am and prepared to go for breakfast at 8am, but Zhen Dong and Peei Peei couldn't wake up so early so we went to the cafe first. This time they prepared more food - Fried rice, noodles, cornflakes and toast bread. Jann actually brought 2 packets of instant Milo coz "breakfast" wasn't included in the tentative so she's scared we don't have breakfast. Lol.

This day we had only 2 talks and the rest of the time were team building activities. First team building activity was to create a team cheer. Lol it was so funny and embarrassing xD Sorry, I'm not going to put it up here. :p Then the next activity was to build the highest architecture using straw and masking tape only. And guess what? We won!

We made the tallest 'architecture'!
(LOL Nevermind the ugliness. Can win then okie liao xD)

After that, we had our lunch and continued with a health talk from a nutritionist (Oops, I forgot what's her name). Mm... I rather ask Jann's sis, she's a dietician.

Third activity was to make an egg catcher. And surprisingly, we won again!
We used the masking tape to trap the egg

Actually none of us passed for the first time. Jann thought of this idea using masking tape to trap the egg right after our time is up. Lol... Looks like birds' nest right? :p Can win then okie liao xD

The last game was to sell an item appointed to us. We got a comb, and my team members can really boast it really hard! Anyhow this part we lose coz we don't have the 'skill' ahaha.

Finally we had a talk from Ms Jane herself (also about her from a poor family and how her confidence helped her in her career). After her talk it's the closing ceremony.

Free accommodation, free meal, got cert somemore!

I thought I will be very quiet with Jann's friends, but I found I can talk with Zhen Dong. Maybe he himself is talkative gua.

Ohh I forgot to intro. Here's a bigger pic of Zhen Dong:

Jann's dad sent us back... And I took the wrong file! Otherwise I could have show you the cert with MY name printed on it. Not blank one eh! :)
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