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Thanks to Malaysia's Public Transport! >:(

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As promised last week, I'm suppose to update a post about Jann and me happily hang out with a Form 6 friend, Darmila, as we haven't meet each other for 2 and a half years. Jann and me even discussed where to go and we planned to eat Korean food at Korea Qing Zhou in Mid Valley today. Unfortunately Darmila is commencing her new sem and she's busy preparing so she ffk us :-(

Since we had planned to go try Korean food in Mid Valley and my mom has agreed to let me go for the gathering, plus Yin and Kuan weren't available last Saturday so I decided to ask both of them out :D (Also because I have chose what to wear since last Saturday coz I don't like to choose my outfit last minute. I could be messed up. And hor no matter what Jann wear I also think she's very pretty. So even though I can't make myself prettier than her, I can't make myself looks ugly standing beside her as well.)

I know we're going to take KTM coz it's the only way for us whom do not possess a car to go Mid Valley and save the trouble finding an available parking lot. So I felt wanted to change my outfit. But Cai Yi asked me to wear sexy a bit (As quoted from EC, if we don't wear sexy now, takkan want to sexy after we're old meh?) so I stick to my original decision.

Black tube with purple vest and short skirt.
Couldn't show the whole body as my sis had taken the camera to school and I'm not good in taking picture by myself x_x

My new shoes!
Coz Jann will wear high heels, I know. I just don't want to be the shortest among my friends :p

I went to Jann's house first coz she wanted to take Vampire Diaries season 2. She gave me the souvenir from Taiwan ♥

Confession Chocolate (告白巧克力):
不能没有你 (Can't Live without You)

Panda ♥

So four of us met up in KTM station at 11am. I don't know what happened today the train didn't come as frequent, and the couches're all crowded (Kuan told me her sis said the train was delayed in Rawang). We waited for one and a half hour, missed one train, then only Jann and me managed to get up the next train. It was so crowded I was nearly 'buried' in the people and pushed inside further. I grabbed Jann's hand so she can squeeze into the couch also, but a man standing right at the door stopped more people (and that included Yin and Kuan) from getting into the couch after Jann gets in it  As I couldn't move so Jann and I went to Mid Valley without Yin and Kuan.

On the way to Mid Valley, I heard a foreign lady said this to her boyfriend:"I'll never take this ever again." Walao eh. So embarrassing! What does the minister do?! The condition is so bad and is never improved! ('Chilaka' nonstop ><)

The journey to Mid Valley took half an hour only, but both Jann and I already sweat like we had a bath. Jann guessed that the people might have their paycheck already so they went to shop. It was so crowded even at the ticketing machine! I called Kuan and asked what are they going to do, she said they'll go The Mines instead of coming to Mid Valley coz they might need to wait for another hour for the next train AND they might not be able to get into the train too. And now a 4-person hangouts became a 2-person hangouts. T_T Jann started to miss Taiwan and keep saying how good and organized is their public transport, how discipline are the people, etc etc etc compared to Malaysia's.

We totally have no mood to do anything else already, so we decided to walk around in The Gardens and see what to have as our lunch. Oh before going to The Gardens, I managed to redeem this small bottle of eye cream (Treat from Clinique, event expired tomorrow):

We walked around and I saw SNO! Remember I went to Sunway Pyramid with my sis and missed trying the drink? This time I grabbed the opportunity and tried one of it. I chose green tea ice cream as base, add in Hershey's Kisses as blended flavour and marshmallows as toppings. Like that also costs me RM9 already. But it tastes good :D

After some walking, we walked back to Mid Valley and decided to have our lunch in Chilis.

At first we wanted to try their cocktail, but since we're already here, we tried their margarita instead :p

Chilis' Signature: Presidente Margarita

Since I don't eat beef and lamb, the choices are very few. This is what we have:
Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers

And here's the bill:
RM57.90 for one drink and one dish!

Actually already predicted lah coz it's all stated in the menu but takkan want to walk out after we're seated and already decided to have our lunch here meh. :S (Vomit blood. My lunch during working days also not so expensive T_T) At first we decided to share a dish in Chilis, then share another dish in Korea Qing Zhou, but we were so full plus it's already 2.30pm so we didn't try Korean food. We wanted to come back earlier as 5pm is the peak hour, so we just walked around window shopping and go to the station at 3pm.

Tragic enough, we waited for another hour for the train to come. And the people who waited for the train to leave is more and more. :S We managed to squeeze into the first train we waited but still we ended up sweat like we had a bath and were pushed like sardin in a can. ><

Jann's daddy sent me home and I'm so lucky to reach home before the rain pours. I was about to update this post when the power tripped and then I decided to have a good sleep and rest my feet coz the shoes I wore hurt my forefeet a lot, although it didn't give me blisters for a lot of walking today.

A pimple at my left nose alae is popping out because of the two round of sweating today. T_T

Four of us swear we'll never hang out during weekends anymore, if none of us is driving.
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Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers look nice :D

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Yea :D and it can fill 2 person's stomach.

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