Sunday, 21 August 2011

Windows Live Messenger

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I was using Windows Live Messenger(WLM) 2011, but because it's linked to the Windows Live Mail I can't change my display name the way I like. Also because it's quite annoyed to see other friends online with the formatting codes in their display name, so I've always wanted to change my version of WLM to 2009 but I'm afraid my machine doesn't allow it to (coz some of the machine will not allow the installation of software in older version if there's a latest version available in the machine).

This morning I tried uninstall my WLM 2011 and install the 2009 version, and it went smoothly! :D I was so happy until I IM my sis - The font displayed turn out to be simsun :(

I've already tried using TrueType font type ie Arial and Calibri, but no matter what font type I set, the display font is forever SIMSUN! Grrr!!! I felt so annoyed when I choose the font I desired but it doesn't display the true font type!

Then I was so give up I decided to use back the latest version. However, I couldn't find the installed WLM in Programs and Features!  Eff! Now I'm stuck and is forced to use this old version of WLM with the annoying font type liao. Padan muka loh! ><


Update: The font displayed is back to normal after I changed it to Baltic Script instead of Western Script  Yippie~
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