Monday, 26 September 2011

Chop Chop

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Fuh! Stealing some time to update my state of affairs here. But I think most have already read it from Cai Yi's blog which is much updated than mine here

Anyway, I still have to update something for minorities like Ieki (I haven't forget about you my dear ) whom doesn't read Cai Yi's blog.

First of all, it's about our slimming plan. We've been put on weight since the 4-months holiday and we can hardly fit into our formal clothes already so we decided to do exercise throughout the semester. And guess what? Since we're here for almost one month, we've been jogging for like... 2 days.
Let me explain. It's all because of the assignments and FYP. Plus my sport shoes are spoilt. How can you jog in a pair of spoilt sport shoes? You'll sprain your ankles easily, is it not? Uh, nevermind.

The other day, I watched a video shared in Facebook which is about a guy imitating singers singing with exaggerated expression here and here. I don't know why I shared to ahdi, but after she watched she laughed as if she'll burst her stomach and I laughed so hard with her as well. And that's when I started to have sore throat. Since then, ahdi's funny bone will be triggered whenever I do like this and she'll laugh very hard till she can't breathe LOL.

Last Friday I went to a Malay coursemate's open house. I thought they're so free to cook and invited us all... But it's totally opposite from what I thought when I reached their house.
Food I cannot eat at all because of my sore throat. And we have FYP consultation on the coming Monday wtf. Still I gave face and eat a little of each snacks (and worsen my sore throat ahaha) :p

The next day I went to town with Cai Yi, Ahdi and Ahma to settle our business - FYP, Cai Yi's adapter, and also sport shoes! 4 of us bought the same sport shoes eh~♥ At first we wanted to come back at 2pm but since we've started an UNO game in the shop we sat and had drinks and we were having so much fun so we decided to delay and come back at 4pm. Cai Yi won thrice in the game! Ahma and me won once only. Pity ahdi didn't win any game hahaha .

After a few days playing around, here comes the big day. FYP Phase 1 Feasibility Study - Consultation Day. I had trouble looking for the right outfit coz I think I left my red formal shirt at home and I just don't think other shirts are nice enough for the presentation :(
Maybe I should look for formal shirts one day. For my FYP final presentation. And I think I should cut my fringe which is already so long it doesn't look like fringe anymore. And my brows - people keep saying I should shape it again. Gosh I have to invest so much money in my FYP. (OMG I sounds so much like Becky)

Okie come back! So my group was the 7th group and we're so nervous coz every group that went in the discussion room took quite some time. But woots we took around 10 minutes to present and consult our project! I take that it's okie for the moment... Groups in the afternoon slot weren't so lucky coz they have the new Prof as their consultant. And I felt a lil disappointed with one of the lecturer.

Maybe we should find a day to pray in the temple.
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