Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Flustered, No? Cheers!

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On 27th August we're able to check where are we going to stay. And disappointed enough, I got triple room, which means I have to stay with another 2 strangers since I couldn't find who're my roommate. Ahdi and Cai Yi are lucky enough to get double room, which means they're sharing the room with only one roommate. Then I have got so many shared stuffs with Cai Yi!

Our subject registration is opened on the 1st and 2nd this month. All of them can register except for me! Okie maybe not me alone, but students without PTPTN cannot register due to the unpaid fees. But why so unfair! PTPTN holders haven't clear the fees also what! I was just unhappy with their management so I refuse to make payment immediately.

I was very emo that my time here is lesser and lesser. Not only I have to leave my home sweet home and my beloved ones, I have to deal with all these matters somemore.

Yesternight after a talk with my friend, I already accept the truth of not staying with someone I'm familiar with, and to settle my registration after semester starts.

Who knows, this morning after I woke up, I learnt a news that we will not be staying in triple room anymore! Erm actually I also don't know how it works I'm so confused, so don't ask me how will it be. We'll only know after we've settle down there.

Then, another university mate told me I can register already. *eyes widened more* YIPPIE!

Now I am relieved.

Cheers :)
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