Friday, 16 September 2011

Freaked Out

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Okie. Calm down first.

One good news is, my streamyx line is fixed yesterday. The problem is, our hostel blacked-out thrice last night, just when I'm so excited that I can online.

Nevermind. That's not the main point.

We've had 3 classes so far, and 2 talks regarding our industrial training and final year project (FYP). Almost all our assignments involved programming! And the industrial training... OMG OMG OMG I think I can die already!

Now I name myself the Freaked Out Freaky Becky, inspired by ahdi coz I am freaked out, and freaky rhymes with freaked out, while Becky is the main character in shopaholic series, Rebecca Bloomwood, whom always is indecisive. Gosh shopaholic series is nice!

Back back back. Okie. Other than studies, I've gained weight!!!!! Oh fml. I don't want to elaborate much on this matter. Although it's a truth that every girl will definitely say themselves have gain weight, but I really am fat. Oh my. Have to spend time to exercise somemore.

Damn damn damn.
By Freaked Out Freaky Becky
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