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Ipoh & Penang Trip (28th - 31st August 2011)

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Yeap! After my program in Port Dickson, we're going to visit my maternal grandparents~ ♥ So excited! They've been so cute all the time ^^ At first mami asked us to pack 5 sets of clothes including pyjamas coz she expected us to buy in Penang. Luckily Lily and I brought extra coz we didn't buy any clothes there!

This post is going to be a very long one too coz I'm going to squeeze the 4 days trip in a small space :p

28th August 2011 (Sunday)
We left at around afternoon (I forgot what time) and reached Bidor at around 4pm. Without Ivy around, Lily is the one who kept taking photos. (Geez I felt dizzy taking photos in car okie... @@) Papa stopped at Mee Wah Restaurant to have a quick lunch before we head to Gerik, where my grandparents live.

See my mami. Still pretty aye? ^^
She's excited to go back to her birthplace too~

Camwhoring coz we're too bored in the 4-hours journey

Nail color given by Jann. I like it coz it looked like candies!
Looking for orange, yellow and apple green to complete it too

When we reached, gonggong and popo were so excited to see us! And we're also excited to see them! It's been quite a long time since I visited them. Their 'garage' had been renovated to part of the house and is now the toilet and bathroom!

It was around 6pm when we reached. After we had our dinner, we basically had nothing to do :S (Gosh I wished I brought my laptop along) My grandpa went to sleep at 8.30pm! So early! Luckily my grandma chat with us (actually was to mami) and I fall asleep while they're still chatting.

See they pack all the durians into plastic bags and kept in freezer!
Once open then can smell the aroma of durians already haha...

29th August 2011 (Monday)
I was still staying in the cosy bed when the adults were awake and asking us to go breakfast. :p Popo bought a big plate of pork (烧肉) because she heard my brother loves to eat that and wantan mee for us as breakfast. ♥ Papa blamed us for waking up late and we only managed to go for a short Penang tour.

(I gave gonggong and popo RM100 each as pocket money =] I'm a filial granddaughter, aren't I?)

Found this snail-like worm on the dining wall.

Mami didn't allow me to bring this pair of shoes initially, so I smuggled the shoes into the car bunk

Of course, saying about Penang, here's a place I've been wanted to go - Toy Museum! It took me some time to locate the place although I've been to Penang not long ago, yet it was Lily who spot the museum. ^^"

The entrance fee for Malaysian is RM10 per person, so papa and mami let us in while they wait us outside. It's all toys after all, they're not interested in it :p

Chess set!

Too many photos taken in the Toy Museum I can't put it all up otherwise this post is going to be thiiiiiiiiiis long... (Spread arms to the max) Lol. They planned to have laksa as lunch near Kek Lok Si but too bad the place was so crowded we couldn't even find a parking space so ended up we went to a mall near Gurney Plaza and had GCB as lunch. fml

We went round and round and we got bored so I forced my brother to play 'fighting' with me. Look at his expression, he made it like he can dodge all my punches easily!

We found this car in the car park. So pariotic...

Papa let us choose whether to go back by toll or ferry and we chose the latter. ^_^

It's already around 9pm when we reached granny's house. Gonggong somemore fought with his sleepiness to wait us~ Aww. Of course he went to sleep immediately after we're back We were still not sleepy yet coz we just had dinner so we decided to play 'fighting' again...

This is what happened when I'm not connected to Internet

Lol I have to mention once again - it's NOT real fighting! I'm not that ganas okie! xD Plus my brother can overpower me anytime coz he practised wushu.

My favourite collection of photos

30th August 2011 (Tuesday)
I woke up very early this morning coz I was hoping they'll bring me out for breakfast, but who knows everyone woke up very late at around 11am. ==" Gonggong and popo went out to collect more vege. (All the vege we ate are planted by themselves eh!) Gonggong somemore purposely looked for fresh durians for us! Aww really sayang them a lot lah ♥♥♥ I guess papa was also struggling to survive without Internet coz he couldn't stop himself from asking mami whether we can go home this day or not Anyway, gonggong said the Long Puat Thor temple has so many believers now they're expanding! So we went there to get the 'holy water' to wash the car plat hoping the number will appear as first prize in lottery LOL...

Park or temple I'm also not sure

The map to guide you where to start praying first

The expanding part.
There's only a tree trunk which was said will give fortune by showing numbers for lottery. All you have to do is wet the trunk and rub with your fingers, and look very hard on the trunk to get your number.

Omitofu 7337 better open as first prize in all lotteries papa and mami buy!

After that, we went to the pekan to buy some spices coz mami wanted to cook curry the next morning!

Popo said she asked a gonggong's sister to have dinner together. Mami called her 曼姑. Fuh I also cannot recognise her, the relation is just as complicated as a spider web... The feeling of having dinner with a big family is great! (Just don't ask me to clean all the dishes thankkiu.)

My auntie 二姨 came back this night! Too bad they missed the dinner, otherwise it'll be much merrier. My siblings played Chor Dai Dee with my cousins so I went to bed early this night.

31st August 2011 (Wednesday)
I woke up early again. Gonggong purposely look for durians again when they went out to collect fresh vege for mami to bring home. How lovely~ This day we had curry as our breakfast! Yum yum ^^

Papa still struggling hard without Internet I guess (me too) so he hastened us to pack faster and go home earlier. Popo stuffed RM300 to Lily and ran away before she could say no and return to her. So crafty!

Way to go home!

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