Sunday, 18 September 2011


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I know I might've been overreacting... Freaked out, maybe, like what I've said in previous post. Already stressed up even the new semester hasn't really start yet (Felt sorry for my FYP partner for my current predicament). Cursing a bit too much till mami warned me to mind my language ahaha Oops sorry.

Just bear with it till I'm really settle down. Get used to the busy route of study life first 'kay.

Oh just a small update - The main door in my hostel unit is spoilt! Actually the door knob was not functioning well already but yesterday it just shut! My roommie was locked outside of the house when I was cooking for dinner. She had to call the mechanic to break the door knob. And guess what? The mechanic said we have to replace the door knob with our own money! O.o No way I'm not gonna do that. It's not our fault. (If we do have fault, the only fault is we didn't report it earlier) Anyway we're not gonna lock the door so it doesn't make any difference whether we have a door knob or not, isn't it? (More at Cai Yi's post)
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