Thursday, 8 September 2011


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Just now Cai Yi told me she knew who's her roommate already. Then we were so excited we might get to stay together if her roommate is willing to switch with me!

At first she asked me to get help from friends who're already in campus to check who's my roommate, but I thought just leave it as it goes so I didn't. (Ended up I did coz my curiosity beats me)

And I really thankful for her to take the trouble to find out who's her roommate and even called her up to tell her our plan! Although her roommate is busy at the moment and will contact her soon when she's free but she didn't sound rejective, so at least it's a good sign.

Then my sis online and chatted with me coz she knew I'm emo. She advised me the cons of staying together when we're doing projects together.

I'm so indecisive now coz we were so excited on it and I've troubled Cai Yi to find out who's her roommate and discussed about it, yet on the other side I think what my sis said is right.

What if we had an argument about our project and we weren't happy with each other that time? Then we still have to go back to the same room and let the bad environment continue to surround us?

Oh phark. I felt like I'm a troublemaker. First I told Cai Yi I'm flexible for whatever it works, then she took all the trouble to reach her roommate, and now I tell her I'm indecisive.

Anyone can give me advices?
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Cai Yi said...

just do whatever you think is right... then don't regret about it.

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