Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 11:20
1. It's been four days we're back in this small island. I can detect hostel internet from my room at 3rd floor! But more and more people coming back so it's getting worse. Streamyx contractor will only come within one week. (Or maybe after one week, I heard from a friend who came back earlier than me that his line is not fixed yet, which I hope not going to happen on me)

2. Yesterday was mid-autumn festival and no one asked us for celebration. Cai Yi brought her mooncake and we had it while watching movies. So pathetic.

3. Class started. Just attending for the introductory class makes me feel this sem is gonna be a super tough one.

4. Every beginning of sem also have to spend a lot for necessities. Dammit.

Aih wish all the best for us la.
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Ivy K. said...

All the best for new semester! :)

I didn't get to eat mooncake also! Haha. Tried oriental shop. The mooncake was sold out, only left Taiwan mooncake (which does not seem like the mooncake we usually have, more liky machi). I'm more pathetic! haha

IEKi said...

All the BEST my dear o(>.<)o

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