Friday, 21 October 2011

Best Random Gift Continues....

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 19:31
I tell you. I am really a lucky girl.

One of our assignment is to create a website to promote local SME business, and what I had in mind was to use a cake house image as the background and insert information.

I told my sis I wish she could design a background image for my website so I won't infringe the copyright. At first she said no because she has other assignments to do as well, but last night she stayed up late and started to design the image for me!


She agreed to help me because she can put it in her portfolio. Just a reminder, please be good to designers as they put effort in designing stuffs too, so don't ask them to help you for FREE. This is our mutual benefits as I can complete my assignment while she can put it in her portfolio.

Wondering whether it's free for me? The answer is NO. But because I'm her sis so I got special treatment. I owe her starbucks de okie!

Aww... I l♥ve my sis!!!!!
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