Tuesday, 4 October 2011

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Assignments are starting to pile up. Too bad this semester we cannot choose our own group for most of the assignments, I had to make myself group leader for almost all of the assignments! Eh I'm not self-absorbed one okie. No one wants to be group leader. Then again, I can monitor the progress if I'm the group leader. (Geez. I felt like I can die already.)

Two days ago I saw ahjie changed her blog template to the dynamic view's. I didn't realize it at first, I thought she became so expert in creating her own blog template in a sudden. Later on only I realize Edwin's blog template looked just as same! =="

So that day Cai Yi and me went blog-template-switching craze. At least to break off from assignments for awhile. Well, she managed to change hers at least. I found this one similar to the current blogskin and I thought I can change the background skin for a moment. But who knows after I applied, the layout was messed up! I think it doesn't support a lot of widgets. :( I like the design lah. Kiddish style. There's too many things we have to learn while we grow up, to be a grown up. I want to keep a little space for my kiddish thoughts leh.

Ended up I'm sticking with this old template. But changing the template once had unintentionally removed my Facebook 'like' widget :( Nevermind la I'm too lazy to add it in already. Since I'm not changing my template, I search for different kind of font type to suit my kiddish blog. I actually like Schoolbell (currently use as date and post title) and Coming Soon (currently use in sidebars) coz they looked like children's handwriting, but everyone said it doesn't look nice in the blog post. :(

You wait. After I've master all the skills needed, I'll create one blog template for my own. Hmph! (And thankkiu ahdi for saying I'm techie. I take that as compliment. :p)

On a side note, today I spent a lot of credit calling and sms-ing. It's not easy to be a group leader eh. :S And I used up a lot of money in food and groceries and other necessities. And books. Gosh books are so not eco friendly!

Ugh. Forget about it la. Time to go to sleep already since next assignment is not due yet.

Sleep tight, muax!
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