Monday, 10 October 2011

IKS and E-Community

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Today we're supposed to have an FYP workshop, but the lecturers ffk us (again). ==" But at least Ms Su made it up for us so our time is not at all wasted.

Since the workshop was cancelled, we managed to visit a client of us for the SME a.k.a. IKS (Industri Kecil dan Sederhana) project this afternoon at 3pm. It was a quiet journey to the mak cik's house, I guess it's because we haven't warm up yet. ^^"

At first we were like expecting to have some cakes or puddings to be dapao (Or, at least I did. Ahaha. You can't blame me to have thought like that, coz other group can dapao for friends leh). But too bad the mak cik just came back from KK so she didn't have time to prepare anything to serve us.

Mak cik wasn't very active in giving her information, but her husband does. Whatever we asked, he will respond to it immediately. And I mean whatever. Even the small chats we had, asking how's their family, the pak cik excitedly showed us their family photos. Haha. He's so excited he even asked us to sign on their guest book!

And I think the mak cik deserves some promotion. She's so good in making cakes that people from west Malaysia and even other countries like Cambodia came to attend her workshop!

The uncle couldn't stop himself from bragging about travelling to different places not only in Malaysia but also to neighbor countries like Singapore and Thailand when he send us back to campus. LOL. We just occasionally mm and ahh to show that we're listening.

It was a tiring day, as I just managed to nap for an hour (I stinks! :'( ) then go on for the next meetings. We went to the ketua kampung's house at 8pm for our E-community project, but I wasn't very useful in the meeting as I couldn't understand Labuan Malay. The slang was too strong I hardly understand any words from the ketua kampung. Well at least he didn't ffk again. But the project was scheduled to be done 2 weeks earlier than the original plan, the tentative was shorten from one day to four hours and I was appointed to give speech as the team leader. =_________________________=|||

This two months are super duper busy for us, I don't know whether I can survive it or not. FYP phase 2 is around the corner and yet I have no progress in it.

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