Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My BEST Random Gift

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I must have done a lot a lot of good karma in my past life to be so lucky in this life.

Where can you meet such great friend?!

Last Monday Kuan went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales and she found some ASP.NET books. She purposely called to ask whether I want the book or not! And after the purchasing she even posted it to me!!! Touched or not!!!

Kuan mentioned she sent my present together. Actually I don't know for what occasion, my birthday has passed for months already and Christmas is not here yet. But nevermind lah giving present to someone you love need reason de meh?

This must be the Hatyai souvenir

My present!!!


The souvenir with the letter

But it's broken. No wonder it's pointed end!


Price tag also forgot to remove.
Hahaha just to tease you lah

The main posting item
No wonder so cheap lah! RM12 only. It's 2003 version!
But anyway it will come in handy :D

See!!! You get what I mean??? She totally doesn't have to do anything, but she purposely called and asked whether I want the book anot! And even bought the present once she saw it! First must-buy item for me!!! OMG I don't know what to say already I failed to be a good friend loh, although I made a lot of handmade cards for their birthdays or other occasions, coz ended up the cards are still with me. (Guilty)

Okie lah. Gotta nap awhile before the next class. Already kena from my other great friend Cai Yi coz didn't take proper breakfast this morning. See! Another friend that cares for my health. Me lucky anot?!

Heard that another blood donation campaign will be held on 22nd. Must be fit enough to donate blood already this time! (So I can gain some good karma to meet them again in my next life hahaha)


Lots of Love,
Debbie ♥
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