Friday, 7 October 2011


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Wondering which TGIF I'm talking about? Nah... It's actually the 'abbreviation' for "Thank God It's Friday!" The reason I'm saying this is because I finally have managed to survive through this week ahaha. Well surviving through the day has become the top of my daily to-do-list already.

I wonder did Ah Leng's so-called 'Midas Touch' has infected Cai Yi. Her battery was spoiled during last semester and she just bought one online. After she's back to this island, her phone battery and the power cord to her adapter gone wrong. Not long after she bought a new power cord, her laptop cannot be switched on anymore. No symptoms of getting spoiled. Pity her.

Since we have to work on our assignments (especially FYP... Dammit we haven't done the next chapter and meet our supervisor yet!) and I have to buy new shoes as my old ones are spoiled too T_T so we went to town this afternoon after our class.

Cai Yi was very upset coz her laptop could not be fixed right away so we decided to have KFC as our lunch to cheer her up :p

After that, it's time to search for my shoes. Following are the shoes I bought:

The new shoes come just right in time coz later at night we'll have a small gathering for our Mandarin class! ^^ So now my next target is to get a few more formal clothes!
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