Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I H-A-T-E CATS!!!!!

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So you think cats are cute?
Like this?

Ok fine, maybe they're cute. But they're cute to me ONLY WHEN THEY DID NOT DO ANYTHING THAT ANNOYED ME!!!

Last semester when we stayed in Beta 1, cats often came into our house to uh... look for food and maybe poop. And one did poop in our toilet! But it's easier to clean coz we just have to flush it into the drainage pipe and clean the floor.

Then, awhile ago, a cat poop under the basin in our kitchen! Still, the cat was 'responsible' enough to cover its poops with sands so ok fine I forgave it coz the smell has gone after awhile. But this morning, Cai Yi told me that history has repeated itself. A cat had came and pooped at the same place again! This time, it didn't cover it with sand and just leave it there!


Sorry to all cat lovers but this is what I think about cats:
Secretly planning to sneak into my house and poop anywhere they want and it's always too late when we find out!

I don't have to have one to know cats are EVIL!!!

So cats, I would like to have a word with you:

Geez. Yesternight had a rain now I'll have to wait for the sands to dry so I can cover it on the poops to eliminate its smell and then clean it up.

Unless they stop trying to get into my house and poop inside, I'll never stop hating them!
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