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Medical Check Up

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While friends either travel or went home during this holiday, I'm stuck in this island for medication. Erm... Well it's actually because of expensive flight ticket to KL and also I've already traveled to Kundasang (read post here). So I'm supposed to finish my pending assignments in a relax way (meaning: doesn't have to stay up late at night) in this mid-sem break.

Of course, ahdi and I went to hospital to do medical check up since we're given such a time. Remember last time I said they think I have edema? (read post here). Ahdi is having sensitive skin as her bed has bed bugs. We planned that we'll wake up naturally and go to the place after we've already prepared. Who knows, we were awaken by the noise of the workers who came and change the curtains!

Our "personal chef" Cai Yi cooked red bean porridge for us as breakfast before we leave. ♥ We planned to take mini bus to Hospital Labuan at first, but considering the hospital *might not* be able to do medical check up for us and we might have to look for any suggested clinic, we rented a car at the end.

And so the staffs in the hospital told us we have to go to Klinik Kesihatan WP Labuan for medical check up. Ahdi's consultation finished quite fast, coz the doctor already knew about her problem. Many students are facing skin irritation due to the dirtiness of the mattress. As for me, I think the doctor laughed inside their heart very loud like this coz I told them I'm very concern about my body since ahdi kept saying I'm edema fat instead of fat fat.

Anyway they still do their job, they let me to have urine test and blood test (tomorrow morning). Although they assured me I don't have edema as this is not a kind of sickness I should have (edema will only appeared on old folks, people with heart/liver/kidney problem, pregnant women), they found that I might have urinary tract infection in the urine test. So they prescribe the following medicine and I have to return to the hospital again to check on my health status:

Mixture Potassium Citrate: Reduce acidity of urine & prevention of crystalluria
Cephalexin Monohydrate: Antibiotic, to treat urinary tract infection

Medical form to take blood test
Cannot eat anything from 10pm later till tomorrow morning!

Appointment form on 27th Dec for... Next medical check up?

I already have 2 appointments after this medical check up. One is on 25th this month to check on my urinary tract infection, another one is on 27th December. I still don't know what the 2nd appointment is for.

Ahdi was called into the consultation room to tell the doctor why she thinks I have edema. I went like this in my heart too as the doctor explain to her what causes edema and what kind of syndrome one will have if he/she has edema. Hahahahaha... Sorry to drag you in. Just trying not to leave you waiting alone at outside only la xD

So what I have to do now is to drink super lot of water. Tonight I have to sleep earlier so I won't feel hungry haha :p

Btw, take care Ieki, back injury is not small case.

p.s. Is anyone good in English-Mandarin? What is 水肿 in English? Coz "edema" sounds like much serious than how we call it in Mandarin.
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