Sunday, 27 November 2011


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So many things to do, so little time to use! So stressed, so we procrastinate!

Here I wanna introduce a game I used to play during my childhood:

I used to call it tut tut gei haha Anyone from late 80s definitely will know what is this!

Now it has evolved to a battle game in Facebook:

At first I'm so happily battling with my friends, but then I had a mixed feelings when I asked mommy to play and she said it's too fast for her. Aww... She's growing old when we're growing up. It made me wanted to go home and give her a big bear hug...

*Ahem* Okie now back to the game topic. We're all so addicted to it we kept procrastinate of what we should do now! @@ (It even took me quite some time to publish a post ahaha)

Alright sweetie pies... Gotta start my work already, otherwise my works will keep piling up and never end! >﹏< Ciao!
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