Sunday, 6 November 2011


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Morning hunny! It's a nice weather, nice day to just stay in the bed for all day long ahaha.

Right. Talk about my updates. One word - Busy (meaning: procrastination). Whoever chat with me asking how am I, I replied them I'm buried under piles of assignment, still not dead yet. Got time to die no time to sick. Haha :p Well, the power comes whenever it reaches the last minute of the deadline, don't you agree?

Now after most of the assignments have submitted, it's time to take a break! ^_^ Yesterday since my friend is going home, we followed her to the airport so we can have our luxurious lunch - McD! Aww~ ♥ It's quite a long time since we last eat McD already. Of course, after a storm comes a calm. Before we can sit comfortably in the restaurant, we were facing mini "typhoon" in the campus. Even I also can't stand still being blown by the strong wind! The car my friend rent was late for half an hour, so we rushed into the campus to fetch her to the airport. The guard didn't do his duty and sitting comfortably in the guard house, so we thought we can just drove into the hostel and fetch the friend. Who knows, that LC guard put the bar down and didn't allow us to go out wtf When we scroll down the window and asked whether he can lift the bar to let us out he just pretended he couldn't listen to us!

Whatever... Hope we won't meet him during his shift again.

Of course I faced a lot of problem in some group assignment. But that's a part in a group assignment, isn't it? I'm through it :)

Although it's holiday, we still have one assignment to be submitted on Tuesday, and another one on the week after holiday. Not to mention FYP somemore. x_x
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