Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pray for Better Days

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You see, sometimes human is strange. When we have nothing to do, we look for things to do. When we are so busy with stuffs, we wish to have a break.

Yesterday ahdi suggested to visit a friend who was sick and sent to hospital for an observation. Although we're not close, I just followed her to pay the friend a visit. She's unwell and her family is far from here, so it's better to have friends around (At least that's what I will wish for IF I were to be admitted to the hospital lah).

She will get well soon de la. Taken a quote from <3 Idiots>, put your hand over your heart and tell it "aal izz well". And then everything will be better.

After we're back from the hospital, Cai Yi went out again for McD Prosperity feast!


So after Cai Yi is back, she told me a friend of ours invited us to celebrate her junior's birthday! Of course I said okie (although I don't know her) ^^"

She's cute... Chocolate lover like me hehe...

Gotta ciao now... Wish good luck to everyone especially friends who are doing their FYP!

Au revoir,
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