Sunday, 22 January 2012

Dinner on New Year's Eve

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Since we're staying in the campus during the Chinese New Year, we planned to go have a nice luxurious dinner outside - in Tiara Hotel! Thanks to Cai Yi and Yu Jin who organized it ♥

We started to prepare - make up and hairdo - at around 4pm, and started to camwhore!

New blue contact lens and pink french manicure by Cai Yi!

A closer look on the blue contact lens - the color is so damn nice!!!

A closer look on my nails

Ahdi's red french manicureNais!

New dress bought like, months ago with the new shoes!!!!!
Hair done by Cai Yi

Seeing that we only have one car, Yu Jin had to make 2 trips to send all of us to the restaurant. First trip was a noisy trip while the second one was freaking quiet till you can describe it as a pin-drop silence. Know why? Coz Cai Yi took the first trip while I took the second trip :p Kidding lah... Yu Jin somemore asked whether we're having a 5-minutes' silent anot. CALL ME POKER FACE PRINCESS (coz poker face queen goes to Kristen Stewart lol) Ahdi suspected I injected botox somemore!!! Luckily there's something I can do to eliminate myself from that doubt... I can move my brows nimbly, like this ! Hahaha...

Other than poker face princess I guess I can call myself careless princess. Know why? Coz I keep hurting myself in a way that even myself also don't know! This time I scratched my leg:-

After Cai Yi left, ahdi and me made a call back home. My family reached popo's house already yesternight! Then I let mami switch the phone to loudspeaker so everyone can speak to me ^_^ My uncles thought I'm a 3-year-old kid and asked me to guess who is who ==" Mami somemore kept giving me hints lol. And they have another baby joining the big family as well! Aww ♥

So these were what we had:

Photos 'stolen' from Cai Yi's Facebook album

We had 8 dishes in this set of meal, chicken and duck is not in the picture because everyone had gobbled it down their throat already ^^"

After the meal, Cai Yi suggested to watch ghost movie! What a day to end New Year eve and officially start our New Year

There, we discussed how poker face she is again...

Hahaha... Happy Chinese New Year sugarbun!
Update: Edwin's album - 没有回家过年的小孩
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