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It's A New Year!

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Feel like I have to post something for a good start. Okie so let's start with my new year resolution (so old-fashioned haha).

First and foremost - I want to keep fit! I've been thinking of this for quite some time (and also mentioned for quite a number of times), just that I don't have the determination in doing more exercises and controlling what I eat om nom nom.

So here I present the photos of my slimmest time in 2008 and the most recent one in 2011 for comparison:

2009, My sweet form 6

Mock Interview in 19th Dec 2011

Okie maybe you don't see any difference coz the photography skills of the cameraman is so good she knew how to take the photo from the right angle so you won't see how fat I am or maybe because of the outfit that shows my shape nicely or whatever lah! It's my body and I somehow know I've grow fatter throughout the years. Tummy is more and more obvious now wtheck.

Sometimes I will think that #meanwhile-in-the-parallel-universe (meme example), the cannibals will eat me like we eat chickens and they surely will be very happy to hold me captive coz my thighs have a lot of flesh and if I'm fried like a fried chicken I'm surely will taste delicious coz the thick layer of fats on my body will be crisply fried with juicy flesh.

Secondly I hope I can have more sleep/stay away from my lappie as long as I can so I can be more radiant. I was said to be very pale in these recent years, starting from Form 5. I was tying my shoe lace when a teacher asked me whether I'm alright or not (@@) she thought I was having my menses coz I looked so pale and coincidentally I bent down (to tie my shoe lace lah). The second time was when I worked for my first job after STPM. I was a part-timer I didn't have the company key so I have to ring the office bell for my colleague Ieki who always came earlier than me to open the door for me. She told me I looked very pale and horrifying when she open the door for me coz I have no expression and standing under gloom light just like a death messenger. It got worse after I entered university, that friends would ask me am I sick or not feeling well? Coz I looked pale. Oh and also droopy eyes.

School Exhibition in 2009, with Doraemon

YuanXiaoJie in 2010 with Cai Yi

Raya Trip Back to Perak in 2011

Lol didn't notice I did the same pose for 2 years ahaha... Okie you may also compare with the 2008 one shown above. Pale right? I also don't know why, till I've given up on myself before study week after the assignments are almost all submitted. I did nothing but eat and sleep for the whole day. Few days after that, Cai Yi and ahdi said I had the most radiant look for all the time they've seen me. That means, it's either the sleeps that do me good or because I stayed away from my lappie. Coz I can't online when I sleep isn't it.

Cai Yi suggested that I can do so once a week to neutralize my look since we won't be able to have extra time for me to just eat and sleep because of our FYP fml.

Next I hope I will be more discipline and not procrastinate anymore (seriously, hopefully). It's a new year but our sem is not finish yet and we're having our final exam on the first month of the year! This afternoon ahdi analyzed to me that I should have get good grades this sem if I study hard enough, although I screwed my midterms and my carry marks are low, coz we guess most of us screwed it up too so the grading system might follow the skewness of the overall stats. So if I study hard enough, I might be able to score A even though I only have around 60%. And I have to constantly work on my FYP too.

Final year is such a bitch.

Next again I want to accompany my beloved family more after I graduate (it's the nearest time till I go home). I just had a phone conversation with my family this evening. Mami told me her cousin from Australia said she just noticed mami is getting old after she saw the photos my sis posted in Facebook taken in Bangkok. Plus I missed the time I went to pasar with mami when Cai Yi, ahdi and I went to pasar last Friday.

Beloved mami and papa

Beloved ahkit, sanjie and me

My beloved erjie

I've always keep in touch with erjie through Facebook chat and occasionally on msn. And there goes the awkward moment when we talked through the phone there's a long pause coz we've already chat almost everything in Facebook chat and msn wtheck ==".

Last of all I hope I can be smarter/wiser. Okie here goes the story for why I'm wishing on this.

Last Friday night I went to ahdi's house to uh... Forgotten why. So I was doing my own thing until she told me out of a sudden about this website She said it's kinda creepy coz the "person" who answered her questions knows it all.

At first I thought it's just some programming with standard answers and the answers coincidentally fitted the questions ahdi asked so I thought it's interesting, but when she started to get the exact answers for her questions it creeped me out.

Q: Who's in the same room with me?
A: Syn wei.

Q: Wat's my financial status?
A: Broke.

Q: Who's my fren's roommate?
A: Cheng.

So damn creepy weyh! Somemore after a few more questions got answered correctly ahdi looked at me and showed me the victory-face (coz she trolled me successfully) and because of that stupid face I thought she's possessed wtf!!! Somemore she kept telling me it's her who typed the answer ><" She said I looked like I wanted to run for my life but I'm too scared to do so and I cried because I scared till I shit bricks!

Okie so the truth is the site is programmed with some kind of algorithms so that the system will capture the keystrokes for the answer when the so-called petition is keyed in.

Wtheck I'm an IT student weyh! Kena pranked gao gao and got my feet weak and unable to run for my life and cried because I thought my friend was possessed wtf. Totally up to my new nickname dumbass! No wonder my parents have been worrying for me and scared I'll be cheated by anyone. ==" Hopefully I'm smarter/wiser from this onwards.

Ahh there goes my new year resolution.

Oh on the side note here's a small one that I should include in my resolution list: Hopefully my table will be tidier as I haven't have time to tidy it up since we're busy submitting our assignments and preparing for finals now.

Happy New Year! ^^
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