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Medical Coupons 17-Jan-2012

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One thing I'm very sien is that the school policy regarding our medicine coupons keep changing. The last time I checked, we can use the coupons throughout our years studying in the campus, each semester with 2 RM35 medical coupons. I only have 1 coupon for each semester during my first year, but it's an improvement.

We heard it'll be expired on 21st this month so we have to redeem it with some supplements. Didn't managed to redeem it on Saturday coz the clinic was out of the forms, while the other clinic is off on Saturday. So today we purposely go to redeem the supplements.

Who knows, the nurse in the reception told us, they can only accept 1 coupon since it's already near the expiry date, and they need to take out RM10 as their consultation fees, which made the value of the coupon to RM25! :( Still, I think we fully made use of that consultation fees by asking them the price of the supplements so we can decide which one to redeem.

I redeemed a bottle of 100-tablets-calcium, coz 3 years ago when I checked my bone density, I'm near to the red zone of osteoporosis, even mami had better bone density than I do back then. Sad that bottle of calcium is enough for one month only.

I bought a box of detox tea last Saturday, which I tried one yesterday morning. Didn't feel anything in my bowel though. Ahdi and Cai Yi made fun that I'm too healthy that I don't have any toxic in my body, which is quite alarming coz my body functions might have malfunction :S

Planned to post my book voucher back home too, but apparently everyone wanted to settle their bills before CNY, there's a long queue in front of the post office. Better luck next time.

Oh btw I had my hair trimmed by Cai Yi, coz we couldn't decide which hair saloon to cut our hair. Her skill is not bad, just that I should use "cut" instead of "trim" coz my hair is shorter But nevermind la not a big deal also, at least my hair look nicer (I hope so, coz so far no one notice it yet :p)
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